Ms. Cabana, R.

Raquel Cabana received her degree in Biochemistry in 1992 and she majored in Immunology in 1998 at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. She is the current Laboratory Director at NPE Systems Inc. a company, in partnership, with Beckman Coulter, developed the Cell Lab QuantaT Flow Cytometers. She joined NPE systems in 2002 as a Product Specialist and since then she has been involved in application development, instrument validation, systems training, and flow cytometry data acquisition and analysis. She also collaborates in several flow cytometric studies on the use of electronic volume in conjunction with multicolor fluorescence in biomedical research.
Will be focused in the study of Stem Cells on the Cell Lab QuantaT SC Flow cytometer equipped with its innovative multiplate loader (MPL). 

This flexible platform with two sources of excitation wavelengths, a UV emitting - HBO arc lamp and a photo diode laser 488, has a triangular flow cell with two electrodes which allows the measurement of Electronic Cell Volume (EV) based on the Coulter principle (electronic impedance), which is the gold standard method for determination of cell/particle volume. The EV in conjunction with the other QuantaT parameters: Side Scatter, 3 Fluorescence detectors, Fluorescent Concentration (for internal dyes) and Fluorescence Surface Density (for surface markers) makes it possible to perform a wide spectrum of applications, such us the Analysis of Hoechst Side Population (SP), an application limited until now to high cost cytometers with UV lasers. 

In conjunction with Side Population Analysis in different specimens, will also demonstrate the ability of the system to perform:
Counting, a volumetric determination of sample concentration and particle enumeration.
Development of automatic experiments with the MPL, a device controlled by a unique polar coordinate system with spiral cams which can hold different sample holders (e.g. 24, 96 and 384 wells).
Data acquisition and analysis with the package software that has been built around an SQL database allowing quick and easy access to the data collected to pull efficiently all statistical results.

Relevant Literature
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