Mr. Hamelik, R.

Ronald M. Hamelik obtained his M.S. in Embryology from the University of Miami (1974), where he studied birth defects. From 1974 to 1982, he was at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine's Microbiology Department studying the biochemistry of bacterial adhesion. From 1982 to 2001, he worked for Coulter Corporation (now Beckman Coulter Corporation), in the design and development of flow cytometers and flow applications. He was involved in Coulter's development of the PRISM concept of multicolor analysis, a 90? diode light scatter detector, an automated reticulocyte analysis, two automated 4-color lymphocyte analyses, automated CD34 analysis and the implementation of full matrix color compensation. He was also the co-developer of Coulter's Cytologic software for the analysis of flow cytometry data files. In 2001, he returned to the University Of Miami School of Medicine and joined Dr. Krishan's laboratory in the Pathology Department, where he is in charge of the Analytical Flow Cytometry Laboratory.
Lab Module
In association with Mike Ormerod and Rekha Gour, Ron Hamelik will demonstrate use of laser flow cytometry for the study of DNA content, cell proliferation and apoptosis. Students will be instructed on how to use propidium iodide (3) to measure the DNA content and cell cycle phase distribution in fresh and fixed cells and tumors. He can also discuss identification of S-phase cells by our modified Click-iT assay (1, 4).

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