Dr. Gujral, S.

Sumeet Gujral, Professor of Pathology at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai received his MBBS from PGIMS, Rohtak, and his MD in Pathology from AIIMS, New Delhi. He is an oncopathologist with a special interest in hematopathology, immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry. He is a founder-Member and First Secretary (clinical) of the The Cytometry Society. His laboratory has published extensively on Indian data on hematolymphoid neoplasms. His laboratory conducts proficiency testing program for hematolymphoid neoplasms, and advanced clinical cytometry and hematology training programs for students from India and other Asian countries.

Lab Module: Leukemia Phonotype Analysis
Morphology with cytochemistry (myeloperoxidase and non specific esterase) can diagnose most cases of acute leukemia. However, there remains a significant minority of cases that cannot be definitively diagnosed by these methods. Such cases require immunophenotyping by flow cytometry (FCM). Similarly chronic lymphoproliferative disorders (CLPD) need flow analysis for further characterization. Sub typing of acute leukemias and CLPDs is important, as treatment and prognosis of different types is different. FCM has become a standard and a routine practice for the evaluation of lymphomas and leukemia in most diagnostic laboratories and in detecting minimal residual disease. FCM constitutes an extremely important tool in the diagnosis of PNH and in lymphocyte subset analysis.

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