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                           A R C H I T E C T  -  L A N D S C A P E  A R C H I T E C T  -  U R B A N  D E S I G N E R
                           Cyrus Sabri, early in life,  explored spatial  and philosophical  qualities  in the versus  of his     
                           poetry.   This  practice   has  continued  ever  since.  He  started  his  formal  education   in
                           architecture at  the National   University of Iran where he received a  Master of  Science  in
                           Architecture. As a distinguished graduate,  he was awarded  an opportunity to continue his
                           education abroad. His interest in urban design drew him to  the University of  Pennsylvania    
                           where he received his second master degree in urban design and continued into his Ph.D.
                           studies.  During  this period  he was  nurtured under  Edmund  Bacon,  Jon  Lang,  and Ian        
                           McHarg. The latter sparked his interest in the scope of  landscape architecture towards an
                           ecological spectrum.  In his Ph.D. studies, Sabri could expand his interest in research. He       
                           has   won  many  awards  for  his  academic  as  well  as  professional  researches.  In  his
                           scholarly studies,  he  has pursued  a wide range  of topics  to ensure  an  interdisciplinary   
                           approach in design process.
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