Welcome to Cyprus Wine Discoveries, a wine advocacy program implemented in collaboration with winemakers and cultural collaborators with the sole purpose of bringing to light the singularities of winemaking and wine tasting in Cyprus. 
Cyprus Wine Country

Singular and characteristic wine today is just not something that comes out of vat or a barrel.
It the embodiment of terroir identity that can be tasted.
Although it can be elusive to be described or defined, when in a glass, it's the care from the vine to serving which will ensure maximum expressiveness.

At Wine Discoveries our intention is that participating in our educational visits you may fully grasp how the Wine Country of Cyprus can come to fulfill it's potential.

Taking the path of Wine Discoveries will enable you to take back with you a sentiment of a territory, it's natural gifts and personal experiences that will never leave you indifferent in front of a glass of wine. 

About Our Organization
As a collective of entrepreneurs with our lively hood anchored with care in food and wine. Our raison d'être lies with the boundless opportunities for enchantment:  experiences with our customers, co-workers and friends that go beyond the fulfillment of a transaction, a service or a product delivery.
Become a Partner
Tapping into the need for impeccable service and integrity necessitates the basic understanding that only collaborative work or partnerships can be the way forward to meet our needs.
We have assumed this understanding and expect that a sustainable progress is the future.
Service Opportunities
As developers of collaborative programs whose aim is to enhance the future growth of our community, we share out time and knowledge with others. We encourage you to become more familiar with our activities as these contacts can open up ideas for future collaborations or co-developments.