Top Cyprus Walk (Artemis and Caledonia)


Top Cyprus Walk ‎(Artemis + Caledonia)‎

Note: Artemis Trail and Caledonia Trail in the map above are approximate.

Rock and Water
This is literally our top Cyprus walk, as it is composed of two trails, one of which (Artemis trail) is the Cyprus trail with the highest elevation (1,800 meters).  Artemis trail is circular and has a length of seven km.  Walkers pass by many pines and junipers.  

Artemis Trail - can be a bit dangerous at points

Walkers may see barren rock at the top, while walking next to cliffs at points. I recommended that one does the trail (also) closer to summer, since because of the high elevation, flowers tend to be in bloom later in the season, compared to the same species in lower elevation. 
The linear Caledonia waterfall trail is very different to Artemis.  It runs next to a stream, and naturally the flora and fauna is very different (and richer).  

Caledonia Waterfall trail - we will walk by the stream

With a length of just three kilometers, it is quite steep (one needs to be very careful), and crosses the stream at points. Walkers may hear many songbirds (especially towards summer), though it is rather difficult to spot them.   About midway one finds Caledonia Waterfall, a major natural attraction in the area.  

Caledonia Waterfall, a main natural attraction in the area

The water quantity is not significant, but the setting is nevertheless idyllic.  The trail finishes in Platres village.
The combination of these two trails makes a perfect getaway for those interested to explore Top Cyprus. 

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