2 UNESCO World Heritage Churches


2 UNESCO World Heritage Churches ‎(Stavros Tou Ayiasmati - Panagia Tou Araka)‎

Walk between Stavros Tou Ayiasmati - Panagia Tou Araka

The walk combines a visit to 2 important sites of Cyprus rich cultural heritage, with a tough 7.5 km long linear trail. Stavros Tou Ayiasmati and Panagia Tou Araka are two of the ten painted churches of Troodos that have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, and both have important frescos of the first half of the second millenium. 

Unesco Stavros tou Agiasmati churchStavros tou Ayiasmati church

 - one of ten Troodos painted churches - Unesco World Heritage

The route passes by almond orchards, vineyards, and forested area mainly with pine trees and the indigenous golden oak. There are steep ascends and descends which make the exercise quite tiring.At various places you would need to be very careful as the narrow trail passes by steep slopes. There are glorious views towards Morphou plain and the western Pentadactylos and Mesaoria plain, up to Kionia peak in the east, the villages of Alona and Platanistasa, the village of Lagoudera in the north (west) and Madari peak.

View towards Morphou and west Pentadactylos from the trail

One may see rock formations known as Tishia tis Madaris (literally “walls of Madari"), as well as Xyliatos dam and further away, Vizakia dam. Rock rose dominates and in March you may see orchids in blossom. The last part of the trail traverses the village of Lagoudera before it reaches Panayia tou Araka church.

This walk can easily be combilned with one around the beautiful Xyliatos dam nearby.

In the area of Pitsilia there are many peculiar rock formations

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