Exploring the wild Xylofagou coast

Coastal sea exploration around Xylofagou caves

Xylofagou coast is a ten kilometers (plus) ragged rocky stretch inside the British bases, with virtually no tourist development.  Cape Pyla is found there as well as a medieval watchtower.  The road network is extremely poor. The eastern part of the coast is rather flat, there is a fish farm and  west of it, just before the cliffs start, a bit inland there's a quarry.  
We start our Waterbiking exploration trip at Potamos tou Liopetriou fishing port, a picturesque fjord like refuge, about 10 km west of Agia Napa and 40 km east of Larnaca.   The port has paved road access and excellent public bus connection to Agia Napa.  

Xylofagou sea caves
The cliffs are in the western half of the coast

There's a very big number of caves on Xylofagou coast. Many of the caves have entrance above sea level.  At least one has stalactites (the entrance has been blocked now to protect it).  One of the caves has two entrances at sea level and we go through it on the waterbike (probably extremely difficult to do it in any other watercraft).  There are also caves with an entrance below sea level.  

Many sea caves at Xylofagou coast

Coming out of the double entrance cave on a waterbike

Usually we finish the linear route at a place called 'Red Cliffs'.  The coast towards the west from here becomes flat again (and there are some interesting coves).  The linear route is about 10 - 11 km (6 miles) long and a return trip from Potamos tou Liopetriou fishing port takes between 3-4 hours to complete.  We have also the option to do the trip one way (preferably from west to east, this adds to the logistical complexity and the the cost of the service).  

The finish point of our linear exploration route - Red cliffs

The finish point of the linear route at the Red Cliffs

Xylofagou coastline is a wild and untouched ragged rocky stretch in the south eastern part of Cyprus.  It is excellent for coastal sea exploration and we would be very happy to take you there.

Like in all our sea exploration trips we provide the explorers with all the relevant gear such as a buoyancy aid (vest) and sun protective clothes (if requested).  

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