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On October 18, 1906 William T. Hayes and his wife, Barbara Hayes conveyed “Rockhold’s Addition” (consisting of 122 acres plus property reserved for burial grounds) to the Severn Realty Co. William T. Hayes obtained the tract in 1896 from Thomas H. Brown who had established the burial grounds by deed. The burial grounds still exist at the corner of Cypress Creek and Dill roads. There are still several headstones marking the graves of members of the Brown family.

The conveyance of the property to the Severn Realty Co. was the start of development of our community.  Severn Realty subdivided the tract into 13 sections; section one was the only section divided into lots. Starting in 1907, these lots were sold on the real estate market. Buyers were a mix of those who lived year-round and those who just wanted a summer get-away.

Section one included "Rice's Wharf", named by a previous property owner sometime in the 1850s. That wharf is now our community pier.

Overtime, more people moved into the area. In 1924, they held a carnival. The carnival was held on August 22nd and 23rd and included:

Paddle Wheels, a Cake Table, a Candy Stand, a Fancy Table, Country Store Ice Cream, a Ham Stand, and Sodas

They also had a Punch and Judy puppet show and a dance floor with a 5-piece orchestra.

Candies were from Martha Washington Co.; lumber was from J.F. Johnson Lumber Co.; electricity was provided by Annapolis & Chesapeake Bay Power; and J. Schmidt did the hauling. The first carnival netted a profit of $1,044.25, which was deposited into Citizens Savings Bank of Baltimore, Maryland, account #48901 on October 11, 1924.

With the success of the first carnival the community decided to have another one on July 3rd and 4th of 1925. This event was very similar to the 1924 carnival; however, they did not make as a large a profit. The 1925 carnival only netted $433.49.

During 1925 there were other disbursements. In April work was done on the wharf at a cost of $340.25, which was a major expense at the time. However, after the gain from the carnival and disbursements they still had $1,153.10 in the bank.