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The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is a free, voluntary club. There are no dues but there are some commitments. Membership in the SCRC is open to anyone with an interest in group riding regardless of race, creed or sex and all applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Operators of motorcycles must have a valid Motorcycle endorsement on their license. Members must be either a Rider or Passenger on a street legal Motorcycle that can maintain highway speeds.  Spouses, if they ride with their husband or wife as a passenger are eligible to join with the same Membership Status as the motorcycle operator. 

Please read over the complete membership expectations from the SCRC Constitution and the Code of Conduct
All New Members Need To Read Both Of These Pages, They Contain information about Your Membership, Along With The Operation of The Southern Cruisers Riding Club.
I hereby certify that:
I am 18 years of age or older 
I have read and understand the Membership "Code Of Conduct"
I have read and understand the General Liability Disclaimer and the Club Constitution           
I have a valid operators license with required Motorcycle Endorsement (Operators Only)
If you agree to the above, Then your on your way to the Ride Of A Life Time With The Southern Cruisers Riding Club.

All information is kept confidential and will not be released to individuals not affiliated with the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. Contact information is used by Chapter Officers in order to contact members about rides and events. The more information made available on the following form, the better chance a member has of being kept up to date. If you have an unlisted number, please type "UNL" next to your telephone number. This will then be listed on the roster so that your fellow members are aware. 

Please Note:
Either a valid email address or valid telephone number is required for an application to be processed for the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. If neither is submitted or the email address or telephone number we receive is found to be false, the application will not be processed.  Correct Age must be entered.

General Liability Disclaimer
Southern Cruisers Riding Club., herein after referred to as SCRC, is a NON-PROFIT organization, operating with the sole purpose of promoting good, clean, and safe riding activities. Each member participates in activities solely by choice and participation itself relinquishes any responsibility of the SCRC as an organization for any and all liabilities resulting in participation in any club related event or activity.  All activities and events must comply with any and all state or local laws and ordinances.  Any personal injury or property damage resulting during a club activity or at any time, becomes the responsibility of the individual parties involved, and at no time shall the SCRC or its Officers be held liable.  Any individual involved in any illegal activities will be immediately scrutinized by their state officer and subject to immediate removal from all club rosters and membership roles and forbidden to claim any and all association with the SCRC, to include, but not limited to:
  • Removal of club patch and insignias of any sort
  • Prohibited to participate in any activity of the SCRC.

The SCRC reserves the right to accept or reject members and to periodically, and without notice, revise or amend rules and regulations where necessary.

SCRC encourages you to exercise discretion while using information contained the SCRC website. SCRC makes no representations concerning any endeavor to review the content of sites listed here, or any of the Materials, and so SCRC isn't responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance or legality of material contained in sites listed or linked from our website. 

 I want to Join the Southern Cruisers Riding Club
The cost for membership is FREE.
Anyone wishing to apply for Membership shall complete the On Line application form:New member Sign up
------> Be sure you select 'Texas, Cypress Creek Chapter 508' as your chapter choice! <----

The words "I AGREE" must be entered on the online form for consideration of Membership. A signature must appear if using reproduced forms. The SCRC and its Chapter Officers reserves the right to refuse Membership to anyone with the approval of the Membership Director.

Upon submittal of the Membership Application, the Chapter First Officer shall contact the new applicant as soon as possible, within a week preferably.        
The First Officer may remove Membership from any Member that does not comply with the Constitution of the SCRC or acts in a manner that does not reflect the SCRC in a good light. The First Officer may also turn problems within the Chapter over to the State Officer for more direction on the problem with the intent to make a final decision that's acceptable to the SCRC and the Membership of that Chapter.