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Southern Cruiser Riding Club Cypress Creek Chapter 508 can be contacted in the following ways:

Via an email, Send us a line or leave us a message on Our Facebook Page

Cypress Creek Chapter 508 - Current Officers

First Officer - Richard Jacobsen

Ride Leader - Ken Braunstein
Ride Leader - Mike Maneeley
Ride Leader - Lynn Rolland
Ride Leader - Rick Glugla
Ride Leader - Brenda Beck
Treasurer    - Dave Pelton
Bike Night Coordinator - Joe Martinez

Questions? Send us a line to cypresscreekscrc508 (@) gmail dot com

Cypress Creek Chapter 508 - Retired First Officers
We thank you all for your services to this chapter and the SCRC
2015 - John Booth
2014 - Harold Porter 'Krusty'
2013 - Harold Porter 'Krusty'
2012  -Andy Andrews 'Mr. Gadget'

2011 - Harold Porter 'Krusty'

2010 - Charles Stockkton 'Skippy'
2009 - Charles Stockkton 'Skippy'
2008 - Andy Andrews 'Mr Gadget'
2007 - Andy Andrews 'Mr Gadget'