Global Outreach

Mission’s Week, January 23rd-30th – Please join us for our Mission’s Week activities. There will be special speakers and testimonies, prayer meetings, and different opportunities to become involved in local and global missions. Learn what Cypress Church is doing in our surrounding communities and beyond. Come and see how God wants you to partner with us.
Short-term mission projects for 2011-2012 – Praise God that there are more than 30 people who are interested in our short-term mission projects. People are praying to consider going to Ecuador, Honduras, India, Kenya, Mexico, and New Orleans. If you are still interested in going, please contact Takeshi Takazawa at Also, if you are going to be involved in missions and want to be prayed for, want to learn more about missions, get training in cross-cultural ministry, or want to get involved in Cypress Church Global Outreach Ministries, please let Takeshi know at the above email address.
Honduras, January 14th-17th, 2011 – Thank you so much for joining the Honduras mission’s project by participating in prayer, financial support, material donations, and encouragement. You have all made it possible for our team to serve close to 200 Honduran women who will be attending this conference. For many of these women, this will be their first Christian women’s conference and all of your donations help to equip and encourage these women to continue to serve Christ in their homes, churches, and communities. Our Honduras team consists of Cindy Pearson (leader), Charlotte Lewis, Sue Lorenz, Dorrie Takazawa, Ashley Theodore, Christine Theodore, and Susan VanderWal.

2010 Summer Missions Trips
Mexico - Over Memorial Day weekend, our team from Cypress Church returned to Ensenada for the fourth year in a row to hold a two-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the community of Lomas Bonitas.   More than 100 children from town participated in the weekend activities that included arts, crafts, games, singing, piggy-back rides, breaking a piñata, a spirited soccer competition, and Bible verses acted out as a play.   Our team also participated in the Sunday worship service by presenting the sermon and sharing a couple songs that we had prepared in English and Spanish.  There were six different families represented on our mission’s team.   Several of the families were returning from previous years.   It was exciting to observe our children take a greater role in presenting the lessons, helping with the other activities and most importantly interacting one-on-one with the Mexican children and building relationships with them.   This year we were also able to spend more time with Juan and Karrie Ambrocio, the missionaries we partner with, and understand more fully their goals and dreams, as well as their heart’s desire for meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of the community of Lomas Bonitas.
India - July 1 through 10 - Our Cypress Church team joined with Jane's House, the orphanage started by our former youth pastor Tony Rodriguez and his wife, Jane.  We visited the orphans and found them healthy, happy, and safe with widows looking after their daily needs.  We went to a leper colony and heard testimonies of conversion from Hindu beliefs.  We were able to deliver rice to them, confirming their faith in Christ's provision.  We spent three full days traveling to rural villages to tell the good news of Jesus.  People listened attentively as we shared how Jesus changed our lives and told them of how Jesus was reaching out to them as well.  New believers were welcomed in each village.  It was exciting to see the differences in their eyes as they became followers of Christ!  Local pastors will follow up with these new believers, teaching them from the Bible and supporting them in prayer.  Prayers and donations are needed to support the orphans, to build the fence around the orphanage property, and to train local pastors.  Please pray also for the team members as they use their experiences to sharpen their faith:  Danny Kugelberg, Beatris Pimentel, John Ellis, Kelsey Lounsbury, Jo Anne Sims, Ashley Theodore, and Dave Carter.
Ecuador - We flew in to Quito, the capital, had a day of adjusting, and then left at midnight for a seven-hour bus ride to the north/western part of Ecuador. After a three-hour canoe ride, we reached our base village of Zancudo where 400 people live. This and the other villages we served were founded years ago by escaped slaves. There were 17 people from our church who went and we partnered with 23 people from another California church. To this we added 58 more people, including leaders and staff from Canada, Argentina, several different organizations in Ecuador, and 5 indigenous tribes. There were two, five-day sleepover VBS camps going on in Zancudo.  One for 100 high schoolers (who were canoed in from all over), and a separate VBS camp for about 70 thirteen-and-under kids from Zancudo. Simultaneously, teams traveled by day to put on two, two-day VBS day camps in Colon and Santa Domingo for 120 and 80 kids respectively. Each team was comprised of Californians, and several wonderful people from all over Ecuador (and beyond) who were the actual leaders since they spoke Spanish. We were there as support plus we helped with games and crafts. We also had teams that cooked, carried water, and helped out around the village. There were 120 kids who made decisions for Christ as well as several adults who hung out listening and sometimes participating - wow!!
New Orleans - Our church had the privilege to send 18 high school students and leaders from July 17th-24th to the Central City of New Orleans to serve alongside Castle Rock Community Church and Urban Impact Ministries.  As soon as we hit the ground at Louis Armstrong International Airport the fun began! We partnered with other churches from around the US to serve God by loving children in His name. Our days were spent operating a day camp for local children (ages 5-12), helping to facilitate crafts, games, worship, and Bible teaching. It was awesome to see our students jump in and be used! In the afternoons we took part in intensive training that helped us, as a team, process what we were experiencing. In the evenings, as things cooled down a bit (to the mid 90’s) we piled into vans and headed down to the projects to minister to the children and families on their turf. Those times were filled with four-square, jump rope, hair-braiding, and a whole lot of sidewalk chalk. We also helped lead an activity called Challenge Circle where we led the community kids in sports and activities, all while communicating the gospel. Each night we ended our time with water balloons. Over the seven days spent in New Orleans we fell in love with the people and the city, having had a chance to taste the food and the culture. Louisiana will always have a special place in our hearts, but above all God changed each and every one of us who went to New Orleans this summer, softening our hearts to people that need to hear the great news of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for the work and ministry that continues in New Orleans.