Mission Statement
To help the young professionals of Columbus, Indiana, navigate the world of LifeWork, and the Community.
Our vision is to create a network of young professionals in the Columbus area that fosters personal and professional development through relationship building, skill enhancement, community enrichment, and career advancement opportunities. These young professionals form a group of business and community leaders focused on the promotion, attraction, and retention of other young professionals to and in Columbus. We strive to create unique events and offer professional development in hopes that that our efforts will make a significant and measurable impact on Columbus as a whole as well as in the professional and personal lives of its members.

The Columbus Young Professionals is engaged in finding our voice to re-energize Columbus. CYP is a quality group of diverse young professionals working together to showcase Columbus as a place for growth and prosperity. Our focus is to provide members with opportunities to build relationships with the local community.

Questions or Comments? Send them to us at cyp@columbusareachamber.com.