Now to use MapSetToolKit 




Follow these steps to understandhow to use the mapsetToolkit

1. Create a new folder for your own new maps.

2. Install cGPSmapper anywhere on your hardrive.

3. Use GpsMapedit or any other mapping application to make your own maps.

4. Set your map properties correctly. (level, zoom, ID, name ,type maps)

5. Export all new maps in IMG format. (Garmin format file) Use the menu,export, Garmin IMG / cgpsmapper.exe from GPSMapEdit.

6. Launch MapSetToolkit.

7. Click on the "Select IMG files" button. Select the folder you made in step 1

8. Select one or more img files and add them in your mapset, then click "Add" button.

9. In the Mapset Directory field,  select the folder  that you created in step one and click OK.

10. Enter a name in the "Mapset Name" field. (Space caracters is allowed)

11. In Family ID, enter a number between (1 - 65535). FID is Optional. Make sure this number is not being used in any other Families ID.(Look at “Uninstall Mapset” list box and verify that your FID number is not used.).  Product code will be changed automatically to put the value 1.  If you leave blank, the mapset will be a product maps, not a families maps, you cannot use TYP file with a product maps.

12. In the Product Code, enter a number between (1 - 9999). Make sure this number is not being used in any other Mapset product codes.  You cannot change this number if the Families ID is not empty. 

13. You can change the map version.  The field format is nn.nn.

14. In "Copyright info" field, enter a copyright text. This field is not displayed on the GPSr.  This field is displayed in the MapSource when displaying in product Information. Use the menu About Mapsource, Product info. 


15. Select your priority draw for all img files selected. Draw priority is a number between 0 and 31 indicating the priority used by the GPS to draw the map.  Maps with higher priorities are on top of maps with lower priorities.


16. Select in listbox Default/Yes/No.  If you selected yes, all files (step 8) will be transparent in your GPSr.  Default selection, don't modify your img files.

17. If you create a Family maps and you want use a TYP file, continue to the next step, otherwise go to step 19.

18. If you have a custom type definition (TYP file), just click on the "..." button and select your file. If you have selected a txt file, MapSetToolKit will compile your file when you click on the start button.

19. Click on the "..." button beside the 'cgpsmapper' field and select a folder of cgpsmapper.exe/cpreview.exe on your harddrive and than click OPEN.

20. Make sure the "Install in Mapsource" box is checked.

21. If you don't want create a overview map, make sure the "Blank overview map" box is checked.


22. Click the START button.

23. When all is done, check to see if your mapset is listed in the uninstall list box.  It should be there.

24. Now, you are ready to open MapSource and install your new maps and TYP file in your GPSr. You don't need any other program to send your TYP file in your GPSr if your PRODUCT CODE and FID in your TYP file is the same as in step 11 and 15.  Mapsource will send your TYP file for you with your selected maps in your GPSr.