In order to help the people to make own TYP file, I decided to make a program which created custom TYPE file  (custom type definition) for mapsource/GPSr.

 Application feature:

  - Create custom type file for mapsource/GPSr (Use MapSetToolKit to make mapsets)
  - Support BMP 24bits
  - Convert BMP 24bits file to XPM for TYP file
  - Support draworder priority
  - This version support only custom land type. (Marine type coming soon)
  - Compile TYP
  - Load and edit a XPM file
  - Support polylines, polygons and points type. 
  - NEW: Add a type list
  - NEW: Add a button to select TDB file for extract FID and PRODUCTCODE.
  - Open and save in text TYP file  *.txt (TYP file not compiled)
  - DOC -> How to use GenTYP  [English] [Francais]

  FIX: Error in load XPM file
  FIX: Some time application shutdown
  ADD: More validation.


 INSTALL: Unzip all files in directory. 

 Download version 0.93 Beta  (2007-03-21)  

Link1  (Download example file - This example work with FID 52 topocanada)





If you have a comment or you have a suggestion for my application, send me a email.

Cypherman1 at