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In order to help people their own custom maps, I decided to create a program which generated TDB files for Mapsource. Also,  this program can generate a TDB file which will supports file TYP.

 Application feature:
- Create a full Mapset for mapsource (TDB, Global img, reg, TYP)
- Uninstall Mapset (Product, Families, FamiliesNT and gmap)
- Create a TDB file (Product and Families)
- Edit Mapset.
- Support MDX, MDR, TRF files (Automatic detect and install).
- Support routing maps
- Compile TYP file ( select txt file in TYP field )
- Show product CODE, FID mapset name in uninstall mapset list
- Install mapset in mapsource
- Compile TYP without generate mapset (Use GenTYP to create TYP file)
- Install an existing Mapset  (Families and Product)
- Full support of TYP file. (You may also use mapsource for sending TYP file in your Garmin mapping unit)
- Autodetect Level/Zoom in a img file.
- Adjust the FID and the PRODUCT CODE in the binary TYP file with information of the TDB file.
- Improve the option “Install a existing mapset” (convert a TDB file product to Families)
- Compatible with Win95, Win98, W2k, WinXp, Vista, 2003, 2008 and Win7 (32 and 64 bits)
- DOC -> How to use MapSetToolKit  [English] [Francais] [Other tutorials]

- FIX: OS 64bit registry error.
- FIX: Fix more minor bug

- NEW: Now support blank overview with cgpsmapper .99 and later

Download cGPSmapper:

Download GmapTools;

Download version 1.77 Beta (2010/04/09): 
Note: this is a BETA version. Use at your own risk.

Link 1:

Link 2:


If you have any comments or suggestions, send me a email.