The Dunley Children by Binh Brown

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Lydia: Paranoia has taken a toll on Lydia, a recent high school graduate. On top of her associated problems, her mother mysteriously leaves a note on the kitchen table – and vanishes.

Clyderia: Clyderia comes back to her town of her birth to learn more about seven bizarre murders. She’s in search of a wheelchair guy who witnessed the occurrences. Her search begins in an isolated nursing home.

The Dunley Children: A widow lives alone with her five disobedient children in a seemingly outlandish two-story home. The children have a superficial demeanor. She calls on Dr. Psuediscus, a child psychiatrist, for help.


About Author:


BINH BROWN lives in Alabama. He enjoys writing, art (painting, sketching, crafts), piloting an aircraft, film, psychology, and computing.

Writing inspired him in the ninth grade after his English teacher assigned the class to read a mystery book by Agatha Christie, Ten Little Indians. In college, after taking a technical English class, he was inspired even more.

As his writings are psychological, he is pursuing a diploma in psychology. He is also working on more psychological shorts, and has future plans on a novel.




Reviewed by: Calvin Boersters (9/7/2006)
I only wish I had four extra thumbs so I could give this six thumbs up! It's a challenge to wrap your mind around the mystery and sheer thrill of the words between these covers. I recommend this book to anyone between 13 and 113 who can breathe air. A stellar read!

Psychological Thriller..!!!
Reviewed by: Brad Patterson (4/25/2005)
I am not much of a reader, but once I started reading I could not put it down. Very suspensful, with the turning of each and every page. This is a must read book, if you like psychological thriller...A+++

Don't sleep on this!!
Reviewed by: Jang Soon Smith (3/31/2005)
This book is a psychological work of art and intelligently written!!! I had to read it twice, it was that good!!! This book will really make your brain twist. The stories are so descriptive and suspensful. I really enjoyed how the author geniously keeps you guessing and I really enjoyed that all of the names he used for the characters were different and original. Dr. Psuediscus was my favorite. If you are a true reader this book has to be on your list!

Suspense enthusiasts should not pass this one up.
Reviewed by: Barry Underwood (8/7/2004)
I am not one to normally read suspense. But these stories are engaged with mystery, page-turning suspense, and an edge-of-your-seat pacing enough to keep your interest from subsiding. Backdrops and settings of the present norm will soon have you realizing that things are not always what they seem.

Reviewed by: Bob Wilson (8/3/2004)
Excellent, well thought out story lines that kept me turning the pages. My favorite was Clyderia. I was drawn in and felt like I had become part of the suspense! I'm looking forward to the next offering from this talented new writer Binh Brown!

Could not put it down
Reviewed by: Janeth Wyberg (6/27/2004)
A great first book by this new author. If you like mystery and suspense, you'll love this book!

Double Take!!!
Reviewed by: Ross McMurtry (6/23/2004)
Man, just when you think you know what's next--BAM--the story turns on a dime! Lydia was my favorite, but they're all great! Don't miss this one!

Reviewed by: Roger Allen (6/23/2004)
Enter the shadowy and dangerous world of Binh Brown to visit Lydia, a troubled adolescent with a demented, matriarcal mother, Clyderia and her obsessive search for the truth at all costs, and Dr Psuediscus in his excursions with the Dunley children. The shocking and unexpected truth awaits with each turn of the page!

A Rollercoaster of Suspense!
Reviewed by: Kevin Grissom (6/23/2004)
If you read only read one book this year, it has to be The Dunley Children by Binh Brown! A master storyteller, Brown weaves suspense and action into a powerful mosaic of terror that will keep you on the edge of your seat! I’ll never sleep in the dark again!

A Must Read!!!!
Reviewed by: Renee K. (6/1/2004)
The stories are awesome written by a guy with some experience behind a typewriter. Get the word out about Binh Brown and The Dunley Children and Other Writings. A must read and a must buy. Be a part of the suspense of Binh's mysterious style.