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Garden Pleasures contains my own poetry, epics, plays and political rants.

Garden Pleasures is the first book of Cynthia Renee Yildirim’s poetry, epics, plays, and political, and social rants. Her works will astonish and surprise you they may even make you blush. Garden Pleasures is thought provoking as well as delightful. The wordplay will leave you mesmerized. The author takes you on her poetic journey from 1995 to present day. She touches on current and past events in her political rants, which also include one essay entitled A Woman’s Right to Happiness. Do not be the last to experience a journey through her deep captivating mind with enchantment and wonder.

Here is an excerpt from my book:

Excerpt 1



If you could only see not hear
If you could not hear your own thoughts
If you could not speak then what?
Would we be mute as the lilies, at least they thrash
with the wind,
We however would only stare, not able to think of
what we see,
Our thoughts nonexistent,
The sun comes up, yet we do not speak it’s name,
Nor know it’s name to speak
Would a higher realm, open for us?
Would we be able to communicate somehow, someway?
Not even to hum, to aah, to woo
To sense not, sight without feeling
As is this post-modern world
Blinded to themselves, for themselves
Blood, gore non effective
And there we are, there we sit and stare
Stare at the world, as it encloses around us
We post-modernist, we are this
What sorrow, could come if at once we awoke!

Excerpt 2

Epic Poem

Princess Marobe

A Short Epic Story

In the year of Three-thousand and Three

Gently flowing it rolls, streaming over rocks and basins, as the wind whips and moans, storms of destruction coming in, Princess Marobe watches.

Sitting on one of the miniscule sand spots,
she runs her fingers playfully through it
As she daydreams of her love Job
Staring into the dark clouds,
She sees light,
Her eyes blue,
Her body of silk
So kind in her nature
As too, calm the weary.
Seeking she finds, seeking not it finds her.
Marvel at her eloquence in speaking.
How her voice is as beautiful as her marvelous features.

She sits playing in the sand as her love seeks too buy her a ring. Can the ring compare to her? She will outshine it tenfold.
Rain pours, yet she is partially protected by the trees. Each drop, bringing a chill down her back, as the wind blows harder and harder her way. She seeks shelter, and finds none. A branch falls onto her, she screams in agony blood gushing, her leg broken.
She looks up and sees him, but it is not her love. It is an archangel named Liye. He lifts her into his arms and they fly away to a mystical place called Nebhidon…..

Excerpt 3

Political Rant

America We Fall

December 7, 2006

Here we are in danger of losing everything that America stands for. It is due to this ever-present threat that is upon us, as well as in Europe. We cannot abandon this war on terrorism nor ignore it and hope that it goes away, because it will not. We need to look at the big picture and notice what our enemies are doing.
Did over two-thousand of our people die for nothing with the fall of the World Trade Center? No, they do not have to have died in vain, because we will not let that happen; we will find these terrorists and take them down one by one if we have to….

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About Author:

CYNTHIA RENEE YILDIRIM age 31 and is divorced and the mother of four brilliant children in Northwest Alabama. She is currently very active politically online and works in online promotions. She longs for the day when she can only write for a living, and further pursue her interest in history, science and politics. She plans to write more books in the near future. In her spare time, she likes to turn her interest to her sons and their endeavors; she also enjoys reading and the family cats Aysepele and Katy. Look for more titles by this author in 2014.