These are some family audio files.  I started this page as a class project.  But this might be a great way to share stories with my family.

This is a fun audio that I recorded with the help of my 8 year old son, Jace.  I wanted to do something fun and off base for this audio assignment, so I chose to record something with him. 

I hope you enjoy Prayers for Jace.


We have a new phone system at work.  For my final project I'm going to record some targeted training in narrated PowerPoints.  Our employees will be able to go to our extranet, access these files, and learn the one skill they need to practice in less than 5 minutes (on average, the lessons will take around 3 minutes each.)

I have provided a sample of the lessons below.

How to forward calls to Voicemail or Another Number

How to View and Switch calls

How to transfer a call

Checking Your Voicemail

Changing Your Voicemail Greeting

Changing Your Ringer / Adjusting LCD Screen Contrast

Using the Corporate Directory