Thank You!
It takes many friends.       

Jeremy put together this website:

donnio shot my office photos in 2007 & again in 2016:

Vajra and her brilliant staff gave me the confidence to do what I love:

Joel at Ritual Acupuncture helps keep me healthy.

When I want to recharge my spiritual batteries, I go to Harbin Hot Springs:

When my positive vibration needs
a tune up, I visit spiritual psychotherapist extraordinaire

A big thank you to Dr. Dorrin & Dr. Bob at State of the Art Chiropractic in Vallejo and Dr.Heckard in Napa and Dr. Kaufman in Benicia.  It takes a rather large team to keep me well adjusted.

The video at THIS LINK makes me so happy!  I watch it every morning to raise my vibration.

Special thanks to Bekkie, mom, Laura, Verla & Helen Kellar for their constant encouragement and unwavering support.

Thanks Dan for helping keep my garden
a beautiful source of inspiration and joy.

A million thanks to Jeremy for everything.

Cyndi in blue with her (left-right): sister Laura Grooms,
niece Paula Fredericks, mother K Hooser, daughter Bekkie
July, 2011