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Game Engine:

The Iguana Engine Is a powerful yet easy to use engine designed for beginner and adept programmers.  Beginners will find it easy to create what they need quickly with little trouble and advanced programmers will still have the openness that they require to mutate the actual engine.  The Iguana engine is still in development stages.  Prior to its release, tech demos, game demos, and screen shots will be posted.  The Iguana engine will also be released with full documentation on using and manipulating the engine; as well as tutorials on building in the engine and a guide to programming basics for beginners.

  • Iguana Engine (Lucy-Generation v8.0712)


  • disco(2007-11-04) multi-light demo

  • spaceship(2007-11-11) Textured, multi-object model demo

  • flamingbarrel(2007-11-14) Particle Effects demo

  • flamethrower(2007-12-02) Advanced-Particle Effects with Light Effects demo

  • fountain(2008-01-04) Controllable camera, upgraded particles, mesh translucency

  • Terrain(2008-03-05) Particle Effects; Light Effects; and Large Polygon terrain demo. (Control: WASD-move, ArrowKeys-rotate, TAB-toggle flashlight, T-toggle wireframe)

  • SkyBox(2008-04-04) SkyBox; Sun-like Lighting; Particles. (Control: WASD-rotate camera, ArrowKeys&Shift/Ctrl-move sphere x/y/z, T-toggle wireframes)

  • Moon Cycles(2008-04-12) Nothing special; simple lighting; texturing; vector rotation for light orbit.  Less than 20 lines of code to make in engine.

  • Text(2008-07-02)Sprites and new frame limiter.  Engine Debug information is accessible.  Sprites, text class, used.  Text supports new perfect transparency in OpenGL and extra rendering options.  Engine will come with an easy font creating template. (Control:WASD-move, Shift/Ctrl-up/down, 1/2/0-black/white/no textOutline)

  • GroundSnap(2008-07-12) Engine provides a nice feature to snap anything to the ground, wall, or what have you.  It can also return the current surface's normal so that it can be used to add incline resistance.  This new technology is the start of the collision detection and soon physics.  This also demonstrates transparency with meshes, grass and tree leaves.  (Control:WASF-move,ARROWKEYS-look)

  • Screenshots: