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Latest NEWS

  • 12-11-2008: Iguana Engine on hold.  No public release yet, but there are some demos and screenshots in the Technology section.  Iguana Engine is scheduled to be reactivated mid 2010.


  • 10-27-2007: Working on an engine that will run new projects.  If it should be successful, then I will be programming cStore on it.  The reason for this choice is due to cStore's basic concept and how easy it should be compared to Watcher.
  • 08-13-2007: Working on watcher again.  putting cStore kind of on hold for now.  I am putting some old games of mine up as well.
  • 06-25-2007: Site active and running now.  New game in progress.  Check out CStore in the Games section!
  • 12-06-2006: Cykom and the Cykom website were created.  Check the Games area for watcher, the current project.