Developments (Update March 2014)

Connect to a Nexas 5 or Android 4.1 0r later

The CyKey can be connected to an Android devices with a Micro USB Android 4.1 or later. Use the standard Micro USB to Female USB adapter available from Amazon, Maplin etc Just make sure it is for host operation, it should say something like "will let you plug in an external USB keyboard". Connect the CyKey IR receiver to the lead and away you go.  I will look at providing a lead.



This is still a thorn in my side however there are some new developments. I have provided another engineer with a Bluetooth development kit. We are hopeful that this will finally allow us to get Bluetooth off the ground. (Providing we can get all the licencing etc sorted out and paid for)

Bluetooth Now!

There is a solution available now. There is a company in the states who make a Bluetooth USB interface. You can purchase the module and plug in the CyKey USB receiver to it. This will give you a Bluetooth interface. However it is a bit of a "clunky" solution but it works. 

The link is  

Touch type on your IPAD NOW!

Simon Anthony and I have never met in person but have had a long association. He approached me a little while ago with a proposal to "do an app" for the latest touch screens devices. It is done for Apple products (watch this space for Android).

It is an excellent piece of work and while the tactile feedback obtained from "real" CyKey will make Microwriting easier, reduce errors and improve your speed of typing this software is a really good place to start Microwriting.

Give it a try. Here is the link.