CyKey - Microwriting Explained

Why is it so easy to learn? We use of something most of us mastered at the age of 5; the shape of the letters and a few simple memory tricks to make learning to type so easy!

In the next few minutes we will attempt to prove that you can learn to touch type the whole alphabet in less than 20 minutes.

The keyboard has 9 keys but, as you only have 5 fingers, we use up to 5 keys to type. The other keys are used to type symbols and numbers.

The proof is in the typing so let's start ...

Imagine 5 keys in an arc, one key for each finger, as shown below in the representation of the letter "i"

The letter "L". Write the shape on the keys.

"J" This is the mirror of the "L". Write it with your fingers on the keys.

Place your right hand so that one finger is on each circle. Press and release the 2 shaded "buttons" (use your thumb and index finger). As you do this it is very important that you imagine the letter "i" drawn on the keys. Press that combination twice and you will type "ii".

The most common letter you type is a space so we make that easy. Just pressing the thumb key will type a space.

Here the "P" can be seen on the keys or remember "Press All". Either way the name of the game is to remember the code!

There are 5 more letters in the right margin. Using these and the letters you have learned you will be able to type "PILL JOG PIG JIG GO".

How long did it take you to learn nearly a quarter of the alphabet and the space?

The entire alphabet (uppercase and lowercase) , numbers and simple punctuation takes just 3 pages of a simple manual.

Convinced? Why not try it for real?

Have a look at the video

Order a CyKey at virtually no risk to yourself. If you are not happy for any reason then return your CyKey up to 60 days after purchase and we will refund all your money with no questions asked. You only pay the return postage. This is an offer that has run for the last 2 years and we have very few returns, that surely speaks for itself.

If you are still unsure, click here or send an email to and we will send you an electronic copy of the CyKey manual to prove how easy it is to change the way you write forever

Click here to review the entire alphabet.

The Microwriting system is protected © 2001 Bellaire Electronics.

The down stroke of a "G" are the keys to learning this one. In your mind write "G" on the keys.

The "O" is a bullseye, a target. Fire your middle finger at the middle button. You scored a bullseye.