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KeyText is a third party program you can purchase using the button at the foot of this page. It works in conjunction with your CyKey to allow you to enter foreign accents, special characters and even your address with just a couple of keystrokes. The CyKey has a special key to enable easy use. Download the macro file at the foot of the page. The manual for Keytext is also there to download.

The Cykey and KeyText work together

We recommend adding KeyText later once you have mastered the CyKey but only if you need the facilities it offers particularly foreign characters.

(If you have an old CyKey pre January 2010 it can be updated and given a new keyboard. Go to the foot of the page to update your old CyKey)


With just 3 keystrokes you can enter :-

One out of 200 characters and symbols ©, ™, ÷, à, Ñ, Ü, ‰ etc.

Commands, oddball punctuation, foreign accented characters

All the features of KeyText™, your full address, form filling etc

KeyText™ could revolutionise the way you use your CyKey

Foreign accented characters umlauts, cedilla, grave accents , acute accents, the most common characters from the Greek alphabet. (ü á, À, ç, z, ß etc)

Symbols such as copyright, trademark or registered design. Paragraph, double dagger or degree. (©, ™, ®, ¶, ‡, º)

Punctuation The CyKey has most but this gives you an alternative method should you forget. (\, /, ¿ ^) Note the Spanish opening question mark.

Highlight blocks of text to underline or make bold Mathematical signs (÷, ±) Oddballs like these æ Œ

Text entry of blocks of text, your address, telephone number or logo. Form filling all those standard items telephone number etc


Question. How is done?

Answer. Working with KeyText™ a complete set of macros (about 200) have been written and are contained in a single file that uses the clever KeyText™ software to translate a mnemonic into the character of choice.


Question. How am I going to learn 200 macros?

Answer. Some you may not need; the Nordic Slash (Ø) or a generic currency sign (¤) perhaps. However there are scores of commands and characters that you use and we have confidence that you will not have to pull down that special character menu or resort to help pages.


Question. Commands?

Answer. Yes you can do a range of commands some complex like save file (Alt F Alt S) and the common editing commands like page up, page down etc.


This is how you use CyKey with KeyText™

1 Tap the repeat key, it generates a special code that KeyText™ recognises.

In documentation [R] is used to signify this action.

KeyText™ now “listens out” for the next two characters you enter.

It is these 2 characters, when preceded by [R], that select a substitute character from the table.

2 Examples to illustrate the easy mnemonics - to type “ à ” (a grave)

Key [R] (tap the repeat key)

Now key g (type “g”for grave)

Then key “a” (type “a” the accented character)

[R]ga in our shorthand.

To type À (A grave) key [R]gA (upper-case A).

This rule applies to all the foreign accented characters umlauts [R]ua - ä etc, tilde [R]ta - ã, etc.

Punctuation takes the prefix “p”

Thus exclamation is [R]pe - ! e for “exclamation”

Similarly [R]pb - \ b for backslash etc.

Double character is a really clever

In this group are all the brackets plus double quotes [R]dq “ ” and even Spanish quotes ¿ ?

It really is as easy as that!

What next?

To purchase a CyKey go to the payment page

Then click on the payment button of your choice.

The revised CyKey with KeyText and lighter touch keypad

(Keytext is a third party program that can be purchased by clicking on the KeyText link)

Click here to eliminate those repetitive tasks!