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CyKey (Pronounced Psyche)

More than 20000 people Microwrite

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Those who Microwrite are an elite band of people. In just 20 minutes you too could be touch typing ONE HANDED*. In one hour many people are touch typing at 15 words per minute, that is typical maximum speed of a one or two finger typists on a standard keyboard. From there you will build up speed. 40 to 50 words a minute are typical.

If you do a lot of typing it could even be life changing; as Microwriting does not require you to hunch over a keyboard, just sit back and type.

Why is it so easy to learn? It is because we make use of something most of us mastered at the age of 5; the shape of the letters and a few simple memory tricks to make learning to type so easy!

Click here to learn a few of the letters and you will be on the way to learning the alphabet.

If you would like an electronic copy of the manual please send a request Click Here

* The average time to learn to touch type the whole alphabet is 20 minutes. You will make a few mistakes, but most people find this so rewarding that within a few hours they are typing with no more mistakes than are made on a standard keyboard.

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