mobile python the book

Mobile Python : Rapid prototyping of applications on the mobile platform
ISBN: 978-0-470-51505-1
200 pages
September 2007
£26.99 / €40.50
Mobile Python is the introduction of Python programming language to the mobile space.  This practical hands-on book teaches readers how to realize their application ideas on the Symbian OS. Programming on the Symbian mobile platform has been difficult and time consuming in the past.  This innovative new title will remedy this problem. 


 Chapters deal with topics that are based on Python S60 features and presented in an order that lets the user learn first the “simple to code” ones and then increasing in complexity.


Mobile Python is peppered with hands-on coding examples covering the rich set of functionalities of Python S60 and practical exercises include:

  • How to build an MP3 player including a to get MP3 files from the Internet or Bluetooth hotspots to your mobile.
  • How one can control a robot on wheels just using the mobile phone via Bluetooth.
  • How to connect a mobile phone over Bluetooth via the serial port to a hyper terminal on the PC or MAC
  • How to take photos, record sounds while you are travelling and let your application store them with related meta-data.

Whether the reader is an experienced programmer or a mobile artist, they will benefit from the clear, non-technical language of this book, essentially letting them become part of the user driven innovation wave that is expected to come soon in the mobile space