Everything on pys60 ! 

Python in your pocket ... 




Hello ,

You want making Python programming everywhere ?

It's possible if you have a S60 phone !

You can program with it in Python ...

First download Python for your phone

Save the file downloaded to your computer and send it to your phone !

                                          Install the sis file and now you are ready !



 PyS60 3rd Edition 1.4.5 extracted from Mobile Web Server 1.5 beta from Nokia)

Web RunTime  On S60 devices  : come and discovering this new WRT technology ! 


Missing apps for Pys60

DimonVideo apps

Pyfik 0.2.sis Graphic file explorer like ProfiExplorer ! You can start any app by pressing OK button

on app whose extension is .app The author is Shrim and is the python forum moderator

on DimonVideo (in Russian :-(

Ganesh apps

mobihf use cmobihf.pyd

CMobihf.sisx for 3rd (selfsigned only )

CMobihf source for 3rd

Mobihf calculate electronic structure of small molecules for 3rd edition.

His author is Ganesh Look at this link for 2nd edition.

cmobihf.pyd for 2nd ed is included in this package.

Extra libs for Pys60

image1st.sis ImageConverter API for pys60 1st Edition


Allow to old phones Image saving and loading and the famous ImageViewer compatible 1st from Nokia

Apache 2 License (Source code by nikhil_vaj and Otsov , updated , packaged and compiled by Cyke64)

exemple :

 import image1st 
bitmap = image1st.convertimage(selected_file)
bm = Image.from_cfbsbitmap(bitmap)

keypress V.1.02 Simulate any key for all pys60 editions

key_modifiers.py Constants values used by simulate_key_mod function

keypress source code

keypress V1.02 for 3rd edition (unsigned !)

Allow to simulate keypress. Send it to your phone and install it as lib

Apache 2 License (Source code by Aalborg and Cyke64)

exemple :

 from key_modifiers import * 
from key_codes import *
import keypress
# Display "a"
# Display "1"

sysagent V1.11 infos on sysagent

esysagent.py constant values from original sacls.h

test_sysagent.py Complete exemple script for testing sysagent module

uitricks V1.02

uitricks source code


uitricks V1.02 for 3rd edition (NEW !)

uitricks V1.02 for 3rd edition unsigned

 from key_tricks import * 
import uitricks
 # same behavior than uikludges ! 

flashy V1.01 Send flash SMS (instant message !)

flashy source code

I would to thank Gunasekaran Ramanujam from CMans Studios having release Say SMS source code ! Without him I couldn't provide this wonderful feature to you for py_s60 ...

 import flashy
 # The SMS recipient see your message without press any key it and it disappears as soon he had read it ! 
 flashy.flashsms_send(u'012345678',u'Hello there !') 

firmware.py Nokia phone model determination

hack V1.02 peek poke functions (direct memory access)

hack_3rd V1.02 peek poke functions (3rd edition only !)

hack_unsigned_3rd V1.02 peek poke functions (3rd edition unsigned only !)

hack source code

speechy V.1.00 say any word thru phone speaker (3rd edition only !)

speechy source code source can be compiled for 2nd edition FP3 only !


misty self signed infinite V.1.5.0 beta various utilities for (3rd edition only !)

misty unsigned V.1.5.0 beta various utilities for (3rd edition unsigned only ! )

fgimage V.1.1 fgimage for (3rd edition only !)

fgimage unsigned V.1.1 fgimage for (3rd edition unsigned only ! )

appswitch_3rd (3rd edition only !)

appswitch_unsigned_3rd (3rd edition unsigned only !)

iapconnect_3rd (3rd edition only !)

iapconnect_unsigned_3rd (3rd edition unsigned only !)

celementtree_3rd (3rd edition only !)

celementtree_unsigned_3rd (3rd edition unsigned only !)

activeprofile_3rd (3rd edition only !)

activeprofile_unsigned_3rd (3rd edition unsigned only !)

activeprofile source code source can be compiled for 3rd edition only !

pathinfo_3rd (3rd edition only !)

pathinfo_unsigned_3rd (3rd edition unsigned only !)

pathinfo_source code source can be compiled for 3rd edition only !

cenrep_3rd V1.20 (3rd edition only !)

cenrep_unsigned_3rd V1.20 (3rd edition unsigned only !)

feature_3rd V1.1 (3rd edition only !)

feature_unsigned_3rd V1.1 (3rd edition unsigned only !)

pys60 for 3rd 1_3_18 EG1 (3rd edition !)

pys60 unsigned for 3rd 1_3_18 EG1 (3rd edition unsigned !)

EG1 source code source !

pycrypt_unsigned_3rd V1.0 (3rd edition unsigned only !)

works with Nokia signed pyS60 1.4.0 final and OPEN C plugin !

pyextaccel_3rd V0.9.2 (3rd edition only !)

pyextaccel_unsigned_3rd V0.9.2 (3rd edition unsigned only !)

pyextaccel source code source !

xprofile_3rd V 1.1 (3rd edition unsigned only !)

xprofile source source !

aXYZ_3rd_N95 V1.0.2 (N95 only !)

N95AccelerometerPlugin from NRC for selfsigned aXYZ

aXYZ_3rd_N95_unsigned V1.0.2 (N95 unsigned only !)

N95AccelerometerPlugin13 for unsigned aXZY only !


 21 November 2008 :

PyS60 3rd Edition 1.4.5 :

This new version has been extracted from Mobile Web Server 1.5 Beta

Minor additions only. No source code avail (tested on N78)

14 April 2008 :

btswitch 2rd    For MouseAngel :D and many others for switching bluetooth in 2nd edition with PyS60 !

14 December 2007 :


Launchpad promotional offer : enter the following code  in the promotional code field and save 200  euros on the 800 euros regular price  of the Forum Nokia Launchpad membership !

(expired in June 2008 !)


13 November 2007 :

AXYZ 3rd 1.0.2 you can use All the XYZ axes and not only the tilt sensor on the N95 (perhaps N93i ?) one Example is provided with the module. Now you can have the light saber in your device :D

23 October 2007 :

pyextaccel 0.9.2 and xprofile source are available !

20 October 2007 :

pyextaccel 3rd 0.9.2 now you can used the tilt sensor of the N95 ! Works also with the accelerometer of the 5500. Perhaps also with N93i,E90 ? Examples are provided with the module.

16 October 2007 :

Mobile Python book has been published today and is now available. I got mine already !

PyS60 for v1.4.1 has been released today too !

10 October 2007 :

3 October 2007 :

consoleTools 0.4 (backup files from consoleTools from Tero Saarni )

Python ConsoleTools The main component of consoletools is a module called shellphone which offers a simple command line interface for the phone in spirit of UNIX shell. The interface is built on top of Python interactive shell in order to allow evaluating Python expressions at the same time while working with the filesystem.

10 September 2007 :

ctypes 1.0.2 self-signed 3rd (pure python library backported from Python 2.5.1)

You need _ctypes unsigned - self-signed and libffi for running it !

You need to install OpenC plugin of course !

self-signed ctypes works with unsigned and self-signed Python shell because it's pure python !

libffi is only self-signed because it's a DLL

22 August 2007 :

unsigned version of uitricks (This version was missing sorry :(

PyS60 for 1st edition 1.3.22 !

27 July 2007 :

unsigned version of pycrypt (Nokia provides only sellfsigned version :(

PyS60 for 1st edition 1.3.22 !

24 May 2007 : Great news !

PyS60 for 1st edition 1.3.21 (3650 etc.) !

4 May 2007

Mobile Python : the Book !

12 March 2007

py_s60 for 3rd Edition v1.3.18 ENHANCED GRAPHICS (EG1) :

- From J. Voitola author enhanced graphics module for resolving famous font bug on 3rd !

- many new features : EG1 replace G2 patch !

- only EG1 unsigned has been tested !

13 February 2007

py_s60 for 3rd Edition v1.3.18 :

  • many bug fixes !

3 February 2007

feature module v1.1 for 3rd edition :

  • this updates adds some exotic infos on servers.

2 February 2007

feature module v1.0 for 3rd edition :

  • allow now to know which features are supported by your device.
  • easily test some features supported by your device like BT or infrared !

23 December 2006

cenrep module v1.20 for 3rd edition :

  • replace the activeprofile module.
  • now allow to set some value to activeprofile and to toggle bluetooth on/off !

20 December 2006

pathinfo module v1.0 for 3rd edition :

  • source code is also available !
  • get path of images , video whatever nokia phone ! (wrap original C++ pathinfo lib)

13 December 2006

activeprofile module v1.0 for 3rd edition :

  • source code is also available !
  • access to active profile details

9 December 2006

hack module v1.02 for 3rd edition :

  • source code is also available !
  • direct access to some phone memory

appswitch module for 3rd edition :

iapconnect module for 3rd edition (binary) :

celementtree module for 3rd edition (binary) :

25 November 2006

fgimage module for 3rd edition

23 November 2006

mobihf application for 3rd edition

misty module v1.5.0 :

  • beta version unsigned now for power user ;)
  • miso module (PDIS) and more for 3rd edition phone !

22 November 2006

keypress module v1.0.2 for 3rd unsigned :

  • at last one version for 3rd phones !

15 November 2006

misty module v1.5.0 :

  • beta version
  • miso module (PDIS) and more for 3rd edition phone only !

7 November 2006

speechy module v1.00 :

  • source code is also available
  • say any word through phone speaker !

10 October 2006

uitricks module v1.02 :

  • 3rd edition version is now available !

30 September 2006

hack module v1.02 :

  • source code is also available !
  • direct access to some phone memory

29 September 2006

uitricks module v1.02 :

  • source code is now available !

24 September 2006

firmware module v.02 :

  • add new phone and remove miso module dependency !

8 September 2006

pyfik v0.2 :

- The first file explorer ala Profiexplorer way from Shrim (Russian author)

9 August 2006

flashy module v1.01 :

  • source code is now available !

7 July 2006

py_s60 for 3rd Edition v1.3.8 :

3 June 2006

missing LocatieQ for S60 :

  • the author Amadarum don't release sis file so i release it !
  • Look at his site
  • Source file can be found here !

17 May 2006

flashy module v1.01 :

  • initial release
  • allow to anyone sending flash SMS (class 0)

12 May 2006

keypress module v1.02 :

  • adding missing module key_modifiers.py
  • simulate_key_mod supporting modifiers !
  • keypress source code 1.02 is now available !!!

sysagent module 1.11 :

  • Original callstatus function was developed by group 451 spring 2006 at Aalborg University. I'm adding all missing functions from sacls symbian lib (phone status , SIM status etc.)
  • original constant values from sacls.h

uitricks 1.00 :

  • Original idea came from Simo Salminen's uikludges
  • I generalized the process !

In Construction ...

  • Test/reviews
  • HOW TO
  • FAQ
  • etc.