Charles Eddolls - February 2017

  • The Résumé of a “Commercial Specialist”

For more than three decades as operations director of industry leading companies, this experienced professional gained invaluable and extensive hands-on experience which, as the founding operations director of European Metal Recycling Ltd, was needed to set up procedures to guide the company into being one of largest recycling companies in the world.

His practical approach and drive to see things through to completion were essential when seeking benefits and reduced costs such as:

· A £15 million five-year rolling supply contract for 50+ cranes per year included an 85% first-year buyback clause. This enabled the Cooper Group to have new machines every year that were always warranted and at a fraction of historic costs.

· Transport knowledge that enabled him to stop a leading client from unknowingly breaking the law in such a way that could have resulted in prosecutions and a serious loss of reputation.

· Commercial experience that enabled him to remove historic “provision cost inclusions” in engineering contracts that amounted to £3 Million each on five separate contracts per year, year on year.

· Introducing reverse auctions to HM Treasury that in their first reverse auction competition produced savings of £750,000 on a £1.1 million spend (66%) with an actual betterment of 80% · HM Government then commissioning him to undertake a £232 Million tender/auction that saved them over £100 million. (43%).

· A commercial standing that resulted in him being selected by HM Government to undertake a reverse auction for a £1.5 billion supply contract.

Detail of his working history

Cygnet Consultancy Ltd Feb 2009 - Present

Advising on projects such as:

  • Procurement and Cost Reduction
  • Contract negotiation - Top level supply contracts direct with manufactures
  • Operational including Logistics and Health & Safety
  • Recycling
  • Reverse Auctions Tenders, Structuring and Compliance to obtain “Best Value”

Group Supplies Plc / GS Auctions Ltd and  Internet Marketing Management Plc. - CEO

Feb 2000 - Feb 2011

Created a unique software and a commercial consultancy service that, at the time it was sold had conducted more value of UK public sector reverse auctions than all competitors. 

The publicised savings averaged over 30% for projects as varied as warship refits, bespoke manufacture, specialist food, steel, hospital supplies, through to the largest UK public sector purchasing auction this being for a $2.3 billion fuel contract.

His commercial and operational expertise enabled him to structure competitions that produced exceptional results with his largest publicised saving being over £100,000,000 (£100 million)

He Introduced successful reverse auctions to organisations such as:

Aramark, Balfour Beatty, BAX Global, Bechtel, BMW, Compass Group, DBC, European Metal Recycling, Hellman Worldwide Logistics, Holt JCB, London Taxis, Milk-link, P&O, Sims Group, Schneider Electric ThyssenKrupp, The Pall Corporation and Tubelines

And many organisations in the public sector that included the Office of Government Commerce,, Birmingham City, Tameside, Oldham and Cheltenham Councils, The Gloucester Purchasing Partnership and hospital groups such as Hammersmith, the Royal Free, Newham, Maidstone and Royal United Hospitals Bath.

European Metal Recycling Ltd 1994 - 1999 - Group Operations Director 
                                               1999 - 2001 as a  Consultant

EMR is arguably the largest metal recycling company in Europe / USA with an annual turnover of circa £3 billion and has over 2,300 employees. 

As the operations director from its conception, he was responsible was for 75% of the company's operating centers including for their profitability, purchases and local sales, business development, overhead & capital purchases, production, quality assurance, health safety & environmental and human resources

As a leader in his industry, he supported the British Metals Federation by setting health & safety regulation in conjunction with the UK Health & Safety Executive and was the representative for the metal recycling industry on ACORD holding the position of chair of the disposal and infrastructure committee.

ACORD  (The Automotive Consortium on Recycling and Disposal) was an industry-led body with representation from the DTI, DOE, DETR, British and Foreign motor manufacturers and recyclers and was set up to help Government structure legislation in relation to the environmental disposal and recycling of the 2 million end of life vehicles produced each year within the United Kingdom.

Prior to the merger of Coopers and a smaller company Sheppard forming European Metal Recycling Ltd, Charles was the director of operations for the largest Cooper Holdings Ltd the largest metal recycling company in the UK.

Coopers Holdings Ltd 1987          1994 Group Operations Director
Coopers (Metals) Ltd 1975           1987 Group Operations Director
Coopers (Metals) Ltd 1970           1975 Local Director
Coopers (Metals) Ltd 1967           1970  Depot Manager
Coopers (Metals) Ltd 1966           1967  Trainee Manager

From an early stage, Charles had responsibility for the management of all of the operational needs of the Group being the only operations director on the board.

He is an innovator, a motivator with project and change management expertise and an assertive and proven negotiator who is IT literate and has a unique track record. By utilising his services your organisation would benefit from his unique input.  Introductory packages are available and to commission this service purchase one of the options and confirm your action by contacting Charles directly by email.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1793 752485 
Mobile:       +44 (0) 797 008 2797


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