Cygnet Savings

In the current economic climate, simply staying afloat can be a challenge.  Staff levels may need to be cut and skills that you need may be lost. 

A key to success is to commission the experts to help you to continue to smoothly move forward.  Our experts support a broad range of needs and are equipped to give advice to organisations of any size. Cygnet was formed to provide commercial and innovative solutions to bolster client's procurement and operational giving them access to vital skills at this time.

 Our team have commercially structured tenders and procurement auctions with individual values of up to £2 Billion. Publicized savings are comprehensive and include an individual competition with a saving of over £100 million. On this occasion the saving was 43% compared to the amount that would have been paid had this competition not taken place.

Our CEO has over thirty-five years experience trouble-shooting and problem solving at the highest level in Industry and working for the Public Sector and gained a reputation for getting the job done in the most effective way. This extensive experience allows him to unlock complex problems and to simplify operational process thereby providing the most beneficial solutions.

Benefits to clients are considerable as we transfer unique knowledge across a broad range of manufacturing, industrial services, logistics and public sector needs.

A fundamental is the fact that we succeed by promoting an “Out-of-the-Box” mentality.

A consultancy commitment can be challenging as it is not necessarily within your existing budget. So to make the process easier we offer a number of low cost supply options that can be purchased by credit card.

If following an initial consultation you seek cost saving advice, we can work with you for a low cost retainer combined with a gain share agreement.

 We will always work to meet your needs and will give you our total commitment.

Basis consultancy packages:


Option 1. Free 30-minute consultation plus a one-hour paid consultancy

Option 2. Free 30-minute consultation plus a two and a half hour paid consultancy

Option 3. Free 30-minute consultation plus a four-hour paid consultancy


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