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The Cygnet Buyers Guides
 "Buyers Guides" the initial seminar "Five Secret Strategies for Saving Millions" is available at no cost by using the following link: http://dld.bz/fspaP
Our guides are designed to pass over to you meaningful procurement detail and to become valuable reference documents for your future personal use.  

A Sample of our Public and Private Savings

posted 6 Oct 2011, 07:12 by Charles Eddolls

Following requests for further information please see the following detail of a few of our competition results: http://tinyurl.com/6cwvovf

Limited Case Studies and Accolades

posted 27 Feb 2010, 15:09 by Charles Eddolls   [ updated 19 Mar 2010, 09:27 ]

Following repeated requests from clients we have added to our web site a section detailing a number of historic accolades, case studies and results produced by our team. This will help visitors to understand the breath of our procurement, consultancy and auction ability.


Whilst the details we share with you are impressive they encompass limited examples and only relate to information that is already in the public domain.


We are proud of our ability which is always projected in our clients best interests as confidentiality is of paramount importance to our company. To view these documents click on the link below:


Limited Case Studies and Accolades



Cygnet Software

posted 17 Dec 2009, 14:01 by Charles Eddolls   [ updated 19 Mar 2010, 09:32 ]

Cygnet holds exclusive rights to sell copies of the award winning Group Supplies reverse
and forward auction software.


This unique opportunity allows any organisation to strengthen their buying power by acquiring
a copy of a software process that saved £100 million in a single competition, has a unique 100%
reliability record and that has averaged 30% savings on all of its auctions.


For further information contact us at info@cygnetconsultancy.com or call +44 (0) 1793 752485

Cygnet Survey

posted 17 Dec 2009, 13:26 by Charles Eddolls   [ updated 19 Mar 2010, 09:37 ]

 Dear All
Regarding our recent survey on consultancy I  extend a big thank you to all of you who took part.
The answers may help you all in your decisions when looking to commission a firm of consultants
or to seek consultancy work.
The survey allowed visitors to tick multi choices so the results represent the relative importance
of each heading.
The results were as follows:
Most important qualities in a consultant

                honesty 85%

                listening skills 66%

                respect for client 57%

                professionalism 57%

                meeting deadlines 52%

                experience 52%

                results 47%

                team work 28%

                friendliness 28%

                price 19%

                past clients 14%

                presentation skills 4%


Worst experience with other consultants  

                arrogance 73%

                bad listening skills 47%

                inexperience 42%

                lack of respect 36%

                bad results 26%

                missed deadlines 21%

                lack of team work 21%

                price 5%


Where would you like advice

                 research 38%

                cost reduction 30%

                benchmarking 23%

                procurement 15%

                staff management 15%

                Public Sector compliance 15%

                recovery audits 15%


Many thanks again for those of you who participated.  Kindest regards  Carol

Check out our Consultant Profile Pages

posted 17 Oct 2009, 09:39 by Charles Eddolls

Our consultants now have profile pages.  These are still under construction but you are welcome to grab a hard hat and go onto the construction site!  Simply click 'Consultants' in the sidebar for a list of consultants - more will be added soon - and click each name to access their profile page.
Also, did you notice that you can subscribe to the RSS feed for this page?  Why not do it now and you'll be kept up to date with our news whenever it changes.  Our blog also publishes a feed so why not subscribe to that too or click 'follow' to follow us.

Cygnet Consultancy is on Linkedin

posted 10 Oct 2009, 03:19 by Rebecca Bardess   [ updated 10 Oct 2009, 03:46 by Charles Eddolls ]

Cygnet Consultancy Blog goes Live!

posted 25 Sept 2009, 13:55 by Charles Eddolls   [ updated 26 Sept 2009, 12:05 ]

To keep up to date with our business and give us your feedback, go to our new blog

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