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From cost reduction and restructuring to marketing and implementation, the Cygnet Consultancy team will support and help you to achieve your goals.  Whether you work for a private sector company or public sector organisation you only need to tell us what you believe are the issues which are inhibiting the success of your business and whatever the size of the problem we can help.

Green Targets

Climate change and carbon foot-print concerns play huge roles for procurement professionals.  Our consultants can assist you through every step of the process to ensure you are better placed to meet your green targets.

Broad Experience


Specific consultants have advised leaders in many sectors on needs as varied as:


  • How to increase sales
  • Public & quasi public procurement compliance 
  • Raw material procurement including steel and bespoke manufactured products
  • How to increase your client base
  • Food, Clothing, logistics and vehicle hire etc .......


The list is endless, so regardless of your need please be assured we are there to guide you to the most commercial approach.  For a free consultation contact us  +

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