Slide Forwards
A great deal of work goes into making a swan appear graceful and the same is true of a business.  In the current economic climate, simply staying afloat can be a challenge.  Staff levels may need to be cut and skill levels that you need may be lost.  The key to success is to consult the experts to help you glide once more.  Cygnets are those experts.
Cygnet supports a broad range of needs and is equipped to advise organizations of any size in both the private and public sectors.  We have particular expertise in cost reduction - a vital skill at this time.

The company was formed to provide commercial and innovative solutions to support client's procurement, operational and logistic needs. 

Historically team members have commercially structured tenders and auctions covering competitions with individual values of up to $2.5 Billion. Publicised savings are comprehensive and include an individual competition with a saving of over £100,000,000 (over 43%). 

  1. Contact us.
  2. Tell us where you need assistance and  how we can help.
  3. We will  provide you  with advice for your specific needs.
  4. Working with us will help you to glide into a better future.