Caoyonggang's Pictures曹勇刚的照片 caoyonggang's pictures

Pictures that I wanna share with you...

Here are some pictures taken in different places or with varieties of people that I met...

Pictures can remind me of the past stories...

Meanwhile, you can enjoy more pictures at my web-album"caoyonggang's album"


  • 华山                    Topic:Hua Moutain                                        Memory:2009.1
  • 西安                    Topic:Xi'an                                                   Memory:2009.1
  • 山西                    Topic:Shanxi                                                 Memory:2008.12
  • 承德                    Topic:Chengde                                             Memory:2008.10
  • 泸沽湖                 Topic:Luguhu                                                Uploaded:2008.01
  • 丽江古城              Topic:Lijiang                                                 Uploaded:2008.01
  • 箭扣长城              Topic:Unrestored GreatWall-Jiankou               Uploaded:2007.10
  • 欢乐谷                 Topic:HappyValley                                        Uploaded:2007.10
  • 贵阳                    Topic:Guiyang                                               Uploaded:2007.9
  • 重庆                    Topic:Chongqing                                            Uploaded:2007.9
  • 武汉                    Topic:Wuhan                                                 Uploaded:2007.9
  • 昆明                    Topic:Kunming&Shilin                                     Uploaded:2007.9
  • 兰州                    Topic:Lanzhou                                               Uploaded:2007.7
  • 上海田子坊           Topic:Visit ShangHai Again                              Uploaded:2007.7
  • 三亚                    Topic:San Ya                                                  Uploaded:2007.4
  • 上海                    Topic:Shang Hai                                             Uploaded:2007.4
  • 杭州                    Topic:Hang Zhou                                            Uploaded:2007.4
  • 07年春节             Topic:2007' Spring Festival                             Uploaded:2007.3
  • 厦门                    Topic:Xia Men                                                Uploaded:2006.11
  • 哈尔滨                 Topic:Haerbin                                                Uploaded:2006.11
  • 江西                    Topic:Jiang Xi                                                Uploaded:2006.11
  • 广州                    Topic:Guang Zhou                                          Uploaded:2006.11
  • 福州                    Topic:Fu Zhou                                                Uploaded:2006.11
  • 雾灵山                 Topic:Wu Ling Mountain                                  Uploaded:2006.10
  • 济南                    Topic:Ji Nan                                                   Uploaded:2006.5
  • 高中同学聚会        Topic:Senior School Classmates                       Uploaded:2006.5
  • 好朋友                 Topic:Good Friends                                        Uploaded:2006.1
  • 北京                    Topic:Living in Bei Jing                                    Uploaded:2005--2006
  • 北戴河                 Topic:Tour with Charles                                  Uploaded:2006.5
  • 江苏                    Topic:Jiang Su                                                Uploaded:unknown