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By, and for, the .NET and SQL Server Community

Conceived and developed from the ground up by .NET users, CDNUG is committed to the .NET and SQL Server community and to facilitating its growth and development. In taking on the responsibility of being an open and independent coordinator for .NET and SQL Server community in Cyprus, CDNUG places a high priority on listening to the needs of its member and responding to them with tangible – and workable – initiatives.

The targets of CDNUG:

  • Increase awareness of the benefits of switching to .NET framework
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of using and developing SQL Server
  • Raise funds, initially through sponsors and later through a subscription fee so that we can stage seminars
  • Find locations where seminars/meetings will take place
  • Provide a web site where meeting results, photos, links, articles etc will be posted
  • Organise informal gatherings so that members can discuss common problems