I am extremely proud to lead a tremendous group of volunteers whose goal is unified and simple: to provide a fun and educational golf program for the kids of the St Louis area. It is through this program that I hope to preserve the integrity of golf and the character of its players for generations to come. Please contact us if your organization would like to be a part of this great program. Registration is in February. We proudly accept new participants each year.

Clayton McGowan, Class-A PGA Member
President, CYC Junior Golf, West Saint Louis County District

Big League Division
-Fifth through Eighth Grade
-Four 55 minute clinics and Six 9 Hole Golf Rounds
-The Big League is geared toward learning but there is a level of competition as we keep scores/standings for the individual and team in the program by grade and gender.
-Players have the opportunity to qualify for up to three post season rounds: the West County Individual Championship, the Archdiocese Individual Championship and the Archdiocese Team Championship.

Little League Division
-First through Fourth grade
-Six 55 minute Clinics
-Two Shortened 90 minute Golf Rounds
-The Little League is solely geared toward learning

CYC Parish/Church Requirements
-In order for a Parish/Church/School to be a member of this program they need to do the following:
-Have one person be the point person; the Coordinator
-Each Coordinator needs to handle their own registration
-The Coordinator must attend the district meetings