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 On 15 November 2007, Cyclone Sidr, a 'Category 4' (on the Saffir-Simpson Scale)- rated as a very severe storm, devasted Bangladesh leaving over 3,300 people dead to date and several hundreds of thousands injured. The dead bodies are still being recovered and the number is expected to exceed 10,000. Livelihood of over 8.7 million people have been adversely affected by this cyclone.The fierce cyclone carried winds up to 250 kilometer/hour and created a five-meter sea surge which completely or partially destroyed as many as 7.0 million houses in 30 districts in the southwest of Bangladesh.

The cyclone also reportedly caused the contamination of many drinking water sources, killed over 1.7 million of livestock and destroyed over 2.1 million acres of crops, and all most all physical infrastructures of that areas. People have lost their near and dear ones and their houses, cattle, crops and all personal belongings have been engulfed by the deadly cyclone

Homeless, hungry and grief stricken these people are waiting for relief at the thousands of relief centers in Bangladesh but the relief that is arriving is just not enough. There are too many hungry mouths to feed. To make matters worse these are remote areas and it not very easy to reach relief goods to these helpless people.


 What it costs to help ...........

  • Only 1,000 yen could provide an emergency kit for a survivor, including plastic sheeting, rope, oral rehydration packages, matches, soap and candles
  • Only 10,000 yen could provide 10 families with 20 kgs of rice each
  • Only 10,000 yen could provide pure drinking water to a whole community
  • Only 50,000 yen could provide shelter supplies for five homeless families    


The water has been contaminated by dead bodies. It is very difficult to find pure drinking water. What usually follows such natural calamities is an outbreak of diseases. The medical teams are having trouble coping with the number of patients that are arriving at the medical centers.  The children are the most vulnerable during such times.

Please come forward to help. We Bangladeshi Community at Hiroshima, Japan are going to organize ab Charity Show (a Cultural Program) at SATAKE Memorial Hall, Hiroshima University (Higashi-Hiroshima Campus) on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 (Time:  6:00PM~8:00PM) to help the Cyclone Sidr affected people in Bangladesh. Please buy Ticket(s) for you, your family, friends and colleagues; enjoy the Cultural Show and help the needy people. The Enty Fee of the Ticket will be donated to the cyclone affected people. You can even donate through the Bank Account. Even if you can't afford it please don't be disheartened. Please pray and spread the word or help in whatever way you can.


Please Donate generously & help the Needy


For donation through Postal Account:

     Postal Account Details:


Account Name : CYCLONE SIDR BD
Account No. : 15180 11212551



*** All money collected from the donation and entry fee of Charity Show will be sent to Cyclone SIDR affected Bangladeshi people through proper channel.


Thanks a lot for your Kindness and generosity


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