Cycling London to Brighton

London to Brighton is often 'step one' on people's journey from 'not cycling at all' to doing the longer iconic challenges such as London to Paris (my latest addition!) or Lands End to John O'Groats. I created this site to help people with that first step...

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT connected or affiliated to the annual BHF ride. I've simply created it to help anyone considering doing the classic 54 mile ride  at other times or in preparation. Having ridden the route many times now (including there and back several times), I still remember being frustrated before my first go that I couldn't find much information on the best route between the two.

The annual L2B ride is in aid of a fantastic cause that you MUST register for via the BHF website and they will guide you on their route on the day. It is a busy affair with 27,000 people on bikes of all shapes and sizes.  This site is just as much for people who fancy cycling a likely route in training or at other times of the year.

  • THE ROUTE. This is the classic route, well-tested and visible via my link. And if you want to use this on an iPhone, I recommend downloading the Gpxviewer app and pointing it to this URL:

  • THE ROUTE IN WORDS:detailed written description of this route with things to look out for along the way. You can print this and stick it in your back pocket for the journey. 

  • THE HILLS, THE HILLS: I have also included a picture of the elevations of the whole route so you can get prepared for what is coming in the way of hills... and when!

  • RIDING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME: For inexperienced cyclists, here is a guide to preparation for your ride - which should start some months before - and minimising the aches and pains afterwards. 

  • TACTICS: Here's some tactics that you should find helpful... when you know this route you learn psychological and energy-saving tactics to ensure you get there as quickly and easily and safely as possible. 
Above all, enjoy it. It is a beautiful route on a sunny day and the absence of long boring roads makes it feel far less than 54 miles... so long as you're prepared. I hope this is a ride that makes you want to do others like it, not something that puts you off cycling!

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 London to Brighton by bike... often step one 
on the two wheeled journey to great things!

How do I improve overall as a cyclist

For anyone wanting to do more cycling and get fit, make it more enjoyable and get there quicker by joining a cycling club. Most club runs will push the limits of new riders but as you get used to the speeds and distances, everything about your riding will improve. You can then consider sportives, addaxes, races and time trials.  

A cycling club will push what you're capable of while teaching you more about group riding and bike handling skills.  If you are new to riding in a group, please check out Redhill CC's excellent page on group riding etiquette.

And what's the next step in terms of challenges? Well. I reckon it's London to Paris but for now, enjoy Brighton!