GPS = Intersection of Lake Buffum Road West and Summers Road

Directions from South Florida

Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-95 N and merge onto I-95 N    10.4 mi    

Take exit 12A on the left for Florida's Turnpike/State Hwy 826 W         0.8 mi      

Keep left at the fork to continue toward Florida's Turnpike N/SR-91 and merge onto Florida's Turnpike N/SR-91                11.1 mi    

Toll road                 

Take exit 54 for I-595 W/State Hwy 84 W              1.1 mi      

Partial toll road                        

Merge onto I-595 W 9.0 mi      

Continue on I-75 N   4.7 mi      

Take exit 23 for US-27 N toward S Bay 0.7 mi      

Merge onto SR-25/US-27        150 mi     

Turn west/ left at SR-700/US-98            10.3 mi    

Take right fork/north on Lake Hendry Rd                1.1 mi      

Turn east/right on Lake Buffem Road toward Summers Rd   0.5 mi      

Turn right at Summers Rd       0.2 mi      


Directions From Orlando              


Take the ramp onto I-4 W        29.2 mi    

Take exit 55Hwy 27S toward Haines City              0.6 mi      

Merge onto SR-25/US-27        20.1 mi    

Continue to follow SR-25                       

Continue straight/south onto SR-25/US-27             16.1 mi    

Turn west/right at SR-700/US-98           10.3 mi    

Take  right fork/north on Lake Hendry Road           1.1 mi      

Turn east/right on Lake Buffem Road  toward Summers Rd  0.5 mi      

Turn south/right at Summers Rd             0.2 mi      


Directions From Tampa

Head east on E Buffalo Ave/E Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd/SR-574 toward N 10th St        4.2 mi

Turn left   39 ft

Take the ramp onto I-4 E         21.3 mi

Take exit 27 for State Hwy 570 E/Polk Pkwy toward Winter Haven/Lakeland       0.5 mi

Merge onto Polk Pkwy E/SR-570             9.4 mi

Toll road 

Take exit 10 for US-98 toward Bartow/Lakeland   0.5 mi

Turn south/right at SR-35/SR-700/US-98                7.5 mi

Turn east/left at SR-60/SR-60A/State Rd 60 W/W Van Fleet Dr             0.7 mi

Continue to follow W Van Fleet Dr         

Turn south/right at N Holland Pkwy/SR-700/US-17/US-98      10.9 mi

Continue to follow SR-700/US-17/US-98               

Turn left at E Broadway St/N French St/SR-700/US-98         4.6 mi

Continue to follow SR-700/US-98          

Continue on Trask Rd              463 ft

Turn north/left at Lake Hendry Rd           1.0 mi

Turn east/right on Lake Buffem toward Summers Rd            0.5 mi

Turn south/right at Summers Rd             0.2 mi


Directions from Winter Haven

From Winter Haven, the easiest way to get there is the following:


Take HWY 17 South to Eloise.


Turn left  at traffic light heading south on HWY 655/Rifle Range Road.  Follow to end at Hwy 60.


Turn right heading west on Hwy 60 West approx. 1 miles to Hwy 655A (80 Foot Road) turn left heading south. (Landmark is USA gas station.


Hwy 655A (80 Foot Road) to the end at Hwy 640 (Lake Hendry Road) turn left heading east.


Hwy 640 (Lake Hendry Road) approx. 3 miles to Lake Buffem West Road turn left heading east.


Lake Buffem West approx. 200 yards to Summers Road which is the parking area.




Winter Haven Downtown   Criterium

GPS = 346 West Central Avenue

             Winter Haven, FL 33880    


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