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If you are going to ride for more than an hour, especially in warm conditions, you should take a drink with you.  (What you drink is down to personal preference but see our section on hydration for more information).

Ideally you should have at least one bottle cage attached to your bike to accommodate your bottle.  If you are going on longer rides two cages and bottles are recommended.

Bottles come in various sizes, generally between 500 and 900 ml.  1000 ml bottles are available but don’t tend to fit in bottle cages very well. 

In ‘normal’ cycling conditions you will need to drink about 500ml (roughly a pint) of liquid every hour.  You can double that if it is hot and/or you are working hard.  You can get away wi th less but will suffer for it on a long ride and you will be dehydrated by the end of it (see section on hydration).

Therefore, it is recommended that you carry as large a bottle as can easily fit in your bottle cage.  If you are worried about weight you need only part fill it (the difference in weight for the actual bottle is negligible).  At least you will have greater capacity if you need it, for instance if you are going on a long ride through an area where topping up your bottles is difficult.