Information about the races to which we travel and the teams we compete against can be found at the North Central Collegiate Cycling Conference website.

At present the team competes mostly during the collegiate road season (March-April), but opportunities abound for riders interested in track (located in Blaine, MN; summer), mountain (fall), and cyclocross (late fall/winter).

 Rider Year(s) Discipline(s) About

Logan Evans

2008 - Present

Road, Mountain, Cyclocross

UND Cycling Club President
Senior, Commercial Aviation
Hometown: Sitka, AK
Favorite Discipline: Unicycle
Andrew Mills


2011 - Present


Road, Cyclocross

UND Cycling Club Vice-President
1st-year Medical School
Hometown: Bottineau, ND
Favorite Discipline: Road 
Jordan Riley

2010 - Present


UND Cycling Club Race Event Coordinator
2nd-year Graphic Design
Hometown: Glennwood, MN
Favorite Discipline: Road

Peter Olejniczak

2012 - Present


3rd year Air Traffic Control
Hometown: Roseville, MN
Favorite Discipline: Road

Gina Villani

2012 - Present