We are an official sports club of the University of North Dakota and as such we are open to all undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff.  UNDCC is open to anyone interested in cycling.  You do not have to be affiliated with UND to be a UNDCC member. We are a community oriented club seeking to improve the image and collective soul of cyclists in the greater Grand Forks area.

Membership Perks 
As a member of the UND Cycling Club, you get access to the combined knowledge of the club, a ready supply of new friends (or enemies, if preferred), and other, more tangible things:
- 25% off one race/event entry per year!
- an official, members-only UND Cycling Club cycling cap!
- a discount card that allows you to save $$$ with local sponsors such as The Ski & Bike Shop!
- periodic food consumption and drink embibement with your UNDCC cohorts!

Memberships run from August 01-August 01 every year and cost $15 for that period of time.  If you want to join, please contact our president, Jordan Riley at