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Ursula Harries, Cycling Instructor

I’ve been cycling regularly since my teenage years, when I was inspired by escaping to Norfolk with a bunch of girlfriends!  Nowadays, I use my bike to get me where I want to go, which means I do a lot of short journeys around the city (5-10 miles).  I also enjoy longer day rides when I have time.   I qualified as a National Standard Cycling Instructor in 2008, and since then have been freelancing.  I work with complete beginners (learn to ride sessions for adults) through to experienced cyclists who are looking to improve skills and confidence on Manchester’s busy roads.  I have Wheels for All Leader and Ride Leader qualifications, and am looking forward to starting a City and Guilds bike maintenance course in March 2013.

I use the Alexander Technique in my own life, and working with Sue (Alexander Technique teacher) on the Cycle Technique workshops has been a great way to deepen my understanding of the Alexander Technique.