A bike is donated

The bike is 

inventoried and evaluated.

Parts are replaced, cleaned and adjusted to give the bike a second chance.

The bike finds a new home with a new owner.

"Cycle" of Life for a bike

Earn-A-Bike Program

So, say you are a nice guy or girl with very little money but a good amount of spare time.   
You need a set of wheels but can't afford to buy 
a bike.  What do you do?

Sign up for the Earn-A-Bike Program at Cycle-Re-Cycle.  


You work in the bike shop helping recondition and rebuild bikes.   

Learning the ins and outs of bike repair and maintenance as you earn credits toward your own 

And after a minimum of ten hours of Earn-A-Bike time, you can pick your bike.   

And you now have the skills and the talent to keep it tuned up and on the road.   

You can even help others learn how to fix their bikes.   

Bicycle Training & Maintenance

The new bike owner furthers their bike education 
by taking part in one or more of the following:
organized ride
bike safety class
beginning maintenance class
total bike maintenance class

Bikes are given safety checks and adjusted alongside volunteers.