Night lights

Just for posterity - over on the discussions page, there is a thread about night lights for those of you who want to see (or be seen) at night.  Date of the first posting was 29th August 2008.  The major information posts are captured here.


Jeff T. wrote...

The site you reference has a few good options.  The Hope Vision 4 LED looks
like the best option although a few of the Nite Riders would work.  Paul can
attest to the value in spending a few extra coins to get a good bright
light.  He went with the Lupine Wilma 6.

One of the best sites for comparison shopping is

The reviewers have done about a good as you can for research provided to
people shopping for lights.  I have a NiteRider HID that punches a big hole
in the dark.  I can use just that light on my helmet without a handlebar
mounted although I try to have one as a backup JIC.  I'm currently looking
to get a Dinotte 600L/200L dual set to replace the HID I have.  Purely as a
new and lighter set of lights rather than a lack of satisfaction with the

We can really spoil you and have you take a ride with Pauls old lights and
then give you the Wilma 6 to do the same track.  You're almost not night
riding when you have one of those systems...



Ken T. wrote...

I am using Ayups
Heaps of light but doesn't leave to passing vegetation smouldering (and
your wallet)  like the Wilma.

The MTB system comes with set of handle bar lights and helmet lights plus
3 batteries.
The smaller batteries (3hrs plus) are light enough to strap to your helmet
and small enough to strap under the stem for the handle bar lights, so no
loose cables.
There is one larger battery last 6 hours, if you want to ride all night.



Paul . wrote...

I haven’t got the chance to take wilma on a ride other than the kampung near
my house. But on these short rides I did meet quite some confused villagers…

I used to ride with what I thought was pretty decent; two handlebar mounted
flash lights with a 1 Watt LED in each, puchased from Rodalink at some Rp.
350.000 each, and… had a lot of fun with them.

Until I started riding with Jeff and Ken, who left me 10 minutes behind on
Waskita downhill. It’s like riding in the fog; 3 meters of visibility kind
of limits your maximum speed (unless you simply don’t care too much about
your front teeth that is).

I am a bit of a product man so I tend to quickly forget the purchasing price
and enjoy the stuff I buy. I was looking for simplicity, just 1 lamp on the
helmet. The Wilma is very nicely made, mounts beautifully, it throws a beam
that reaches amazingly far, lasts for a minimum of 4,5 hrs on highest
output, (which you really don’t need all the time) and a multitude of that
on dimmed settings (Bogor to Pelabuhan Ratu anyone?). The charger gadgets,
such as a voltage indicator and programable light levels are an easy to see
through attempt from the marketing department to justify the price.

I have seen Ken’s Ayups and I think they are just as functional in all
aspects, but we haven’t compared the output yet. They will for sure score
higher on the value for money test.

Before I bought I considered the Trinewt, Ayups and the Nite Flux Photon


Poul O. wrote...

The result of the test is that the HID Technologies Lumen8R Quad, it
is four LED kight - the prise is 455,- (I think Australien dollar) -
is the best to the price.
4 x Cree R2 LEDs, 4,000mAh Li-polymer battery, 3 hour change time,
117g light unit weight, 406g battery weight, 5 hours Hi-Beam burntime
(as tested), helmet and stem mounting types - Distributed by HID
Technologies 0432 922 603 /

Ken T. wrote...

See this link for a review: