For new riders and new members

   The Cycle_Indonesia group is a group designed to serve as a resource for cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts to use as a communication tool and a reference forum.  I have tried to assemble useful information on mountain bike trails, road bike routes in and around Jakarta and surrounding areas. 


    As I experience more of this country and others join and submit information the site will grow.  I wanted to find a site like this when I was getting ready to relocate to Jakarta.  I hope it serves that function and you find what you are looking for when you visit!


For new riders and new members

    There are numerous people and groups who ride in and around Jakarta.  This group currently consists of people who typically start MTB rides from Star Deli or Puncak Pass.  Star Deli starts cover rides in the Sentul City area such as Gunung Geulis, Kebun Coklat, Waskita, Hambalang, The Quarry, Hunters Hut, Gunung Pancar, The Generals House etc.  Puncak Pass starts cover rides in Puncak which go through tea plantations and forested areas.  Somehow they all seem to magically finish up near Star Deli where food, shower and refreshing beverages may be consumed.  The group(s) are always interested in new riders of all levels.  If you would like to join a group ride post a comment in the discussion or email the group owner for more information.  Starts can vary from 7AM-7PM (for night rides) but most often begin around 8AM.

    Road bike rides can start from Puncak, Sentul Selatan and more areas as people post the routes and ride information.  I have yet to GPS the road routes I do but that is coming...

    Jl Sudirman Sunday morning rides are also a good option for quick rides close to the city.  Information is loose but usually the road Jl Sudirman to Jl Thamrin is closed to vehicle traffic from 6AM-9AM on Sundays.  This is loose and it is sometimes more closed, less closed, closed at different times and although closed to cars may be open to thousands of runners, parades, people just walking around etc so check ahead of time.


By Cactolith


And just so you know...

A cactolith is a quasihorizontal chonolith composed of anastomosing ductoliths whose distal ends curl like a harpolith, thin like a sphenolith, or bulge discordantly like an akmolith or ethmolith."

This term and its associated definition were created by Charles B. Hunt, a USGS researcher, in his paper "Geology and geography of the Henry Mountains region, Utah" (1953). Whilst he was in fact describing an actual geological feature - a laccolith which he saw as resembling a cactus [1] - he was also, tongue-in-cheek, commenting on what he saw as an absurd number of "-lith" words in the field of Geology.