Advice on GPS Routes

Indonesia is an ever evolving landscape.  With that in mind a few words of advice and caution about using the GPS routes posted here.  These routes are provided as a resource for experienced riders to use as guides or suggestions to extend their current riding.  For new people, new to Jakarta or new to GPS be very careful.  The trails here are a collection of asphalt, dirt road, footpaths through fields, gardens, houses, kampungs (villages) and plantations of chocolate, banana and tea.  In short, there is a spaghetti bowl of routes here that change almost weekly (landslides and farmers can obliterate old routes and create new ones in a day) so riding with an experienced rider is a must your first few times out.


The best advice is to download the files and look at them in Google Earth or another satellite image based program and see what a particular route looks like.  If it strikes you as interesting then feel free to suggest it as a ride one weekend or come along when the group is planning to do one.  Some routes are spectacular during the dry season and almost impassable during wet periods.  Others are opressively hot during the dry season and great during the wet season.  Getting to know which rides to do when is all part of the fun.


Enjoy and remember to be safe and ask questions about anything you are unsure of before heading out.