Cycle Indonesia

Cycle Indonesia Introduction

Cycle Indonesia started as a Google Group meant to serve as a Web resource for cyclists living or vacationing in Indonesia.  As the site and membership grew, more space was needed to submit and share information on mountain biking, road biking, equipment, trails, routes and other useful information.
The Google Group is still very active and can be accessed here  It is the best place to contact active members and connect with other riders.  Membership is free but requires joining before you can post.  There is also an active triathlon group called Triathlon Indonesia which also has many riders.
The "static" information about shops, trails etc is posted here.  Currently, the majority of the information is for Java, specifically Jakarta and surrounding areas but as more content is added that will expand.

What to expect on a ride?

This is not an organized club.  The group consists of people who are living in or visiting Jakarta and like to ride in the areas within 1-4 hour drive of the city.  Rides can be anywhere between 1-8 hours long with distances of 15-120km.  The rides are most often mountain bike rides but several people also road bike.

Details of the ride are usually worked out on the group a day ahead of time for most rides.  A few of the longer ones may have a little more advance planning.

The riders are an eclectic mix of fitness, experience and attitude.  The average ride will have 2-5 people.  The largest single group ever was 14 people.  We have an informal "no drop" policy although we have lost people in kampungs before.