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(This route was made by a hiker so we do not know if all segments are rideable by bike) 

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R2R has posted on their site (and on their facebook site) that the new 2014 system wide trail map is available now as a geo-referenced pdf for electronic use on your smartphones or tablets.  You just need to download the free PDF MAPS app and then purchase the map (only $4.99).  This will allow you to use gps on your device to track where you are along the trail system. 

 Here is the link to the R2R site, the info on the new map is at bottom of page.

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    Two new maps available from Adventure Cycling
Available as a set or separately

Boise Local Area MTB Ride Descriptions
In the Bogus Basin/Shafer Butte area off Bogus Basin road is a great trail system.

The official Eastside Trail Head starts at the Bogus Basin Resort Cross Country Ski Lodge.
However many know of alternate routes into the trail system on the west side of Bogus Basin Road.

Here is a description for those who have not been "shown" the alternate Entrance Exam and Eastside Trail Heads.

Slide Show-Eastside from Bogus Basin Road

Many people park at Entrance Exam and ride the approximately 2.5 miles up the road to the Eastside Trail Head. This makes a great loop to go down Eastside and up Entrance Exam. Many alternate routes off Sinker Creek; Mr. Big; DB Connector etc.

Mountain Bike Rides
by Eric Meyer


Sawtooth & White Clouds Mountains

This group may send a map if you write them.

Bicycle and 
Motorcycle Trail Map

Detailed topographic trail maps of south-central Idaho including: Stanley, Ketchum, Baumgartner North and South, Boulder/Whiteclouds, Trinities, Yankee Fork, north to Burgdorf, including Bull Trout/Ten Mile Ridege, Stolle Meadows, and Krassel, east to Big 8 Mile and Sawmill Creek, and further east to the Big Holes and Fall Creek area...are available to anyone who'd like them.

They are more for motorcycles, but many of them are already great mountain bike rides.

Their source is Bill Dart, a very involved advocate for motorized access on our public lands and past president of the Idaho state Blue Ribbon Coalition, and they are his own personal maps that he now sells.

This is the best trail map of that area that there is. Every trail is rated (by color and square, circle, diamond), some one-way (for motorheads, not necessarily bicycles.)

You will be buying the maps directly from Bill Dart.

Bill Dart: "I print the maps on plastic weather resistant foldable paper now and I sell them for $10 per double sided map sheet, plus $2 postage for up to 5 maps.  My map program gives me 5 base levels, and then I can scale any layer from 20% up to 300%.  I use different scales to fit as much information on a map as I can.  Some areas have more wide spread trail systems then others, and need wider coverage.

"Let me know what maps you want.  You can either mail me a check to my mail address below or I accept PayPal payments to this e-mail:

Happy Trails,
Bill Dart
24944 Coventry Drive
Caldwell, ID 83607

Eagle Bike Park

Salmon and Lost River Area

Steve Stuebner
Author of many guide books
and Bicycle Route Map

Adventure Cycling Association

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