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Published on Aug 11, 2017
Brothers Ride 2017 / Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route

A chronicle of two brothers, Marty and Bill Metcalf, riding their Co-Motion Divide touring bicycles on the The Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route, 
by Adventure Cycling Association in the summer of 2017.

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Fat Bike Winter Riding

Island Park, Idaho near Yellowstone National Park

The Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association is extremely excited to announce the Payette Lake Trail! 
This summer we will start construction on the first mountain bike trail to complete the 33 mile loop around Payette Lake. CIMBA members have been working hard to put all the pieces of this project together for literally years, and we cannot wait to show you our plans!

The overall project is broken down into multiple phases and will take several years to achieve 100% buildout. Phase one will consist of constructing four to five miles of new single-track near North Beach that will connect to the existing Payette Rim Trail and the McCall town connector and by extension, the singletrack at Ponderosa State Park. Once finished, the trail will be primarily comprised of natural, modern single-track that is accessible to all non-motorized users. Built entirely on state lands, CIMBA envisions the Payette Lake Trail having multiple entry and exit points, intermediate trail difficulty, and a modern “flowy” trail feel, making it a true public resource for mountain bikers of all abilities. This project represents a unique opportunity to build a heritage quality trail in our vibrant recreational community.

Through our parent organization IMBA, we’ve hired Trail Solutions to design and build the trail. We chose Trail Solutions because we want to do this right. They are professionals with an unbeatable track record of constructing world-class mountain bike trails. Trail Solutions is familiar with the McCall area as they were the main contractor for many of the trails at Tamarack Resort.

To get involved or learn more about this project, stay tuned to our Facebook feed or sign up for a CIMBA membership. We will be holding an information night in the near future to answer all your questions and spread the stoke for a new trail that will take mountain biking in McCall to a whole new level!

Grand Targhee Bike Park
Enjoy over 47 miles of trails including 11 miles of lift serviced downhill trails 
36 miles of cross country spectacular singletrack trails

YouTube Video

Try it out

Idaho High School Cycling State Championships 

 DSC3579- ZF-7828-10559-1-001

Full story Here


More information: 

Media contact: 
Dylan Gradhandt 
Executive Director 

Jug Mountain Ranch, McCall, Idaho
Makes top 10 List of the Best Fat Biking Trails in the US in 2015

makes honorable mention


People chose Top Mountain Bike Destinations
Sun Valley takes 13th place

According to, the number of bike-friendly offices is increasing.

Understand Cyclist Safety and Lane Use

Women Mountain Biking in Idaho
Check out this video of some of the best backcountry bicycling.
It just happens to be in Idaho.

International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) reveals 2014 model trail award winners
Idaho Trails Recognized as the world's best

Ride Center
Within 30 minutes of Victor, ID, you’ll find the Grand Targhee Resort, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, greater Snow King area, and Teton Pass, providing enough trails to entertain for several days of riding. Beyond the resorts, you could spend weeks riding everything from bike parks and beginner-friendly trails to flowing purpose-built, downhill-specific trails. Numerous trail systems can be linked without getting in a car. The Teton Ride Center experience is also a lifestyle located in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, filled with a variety of outdoor adventures complemented by awe-inspiring views, wildlife, rivers, brewpubs, ethnic restaurants, live music and mountain culture.
(Text descriptions courtesy Mark Eller/IMBA.)
2014 EPICS
IMBA has used the Epic designation for more than a decade.
the original intent of the designation — demanding, singletrack 
adventures in a natural setting. The current Epics celebrate true 
backcountry riding experiences that are technically and physically
challenging, more than 80 percent singletrack and at least 20 miles in length.

Prepare for solitude in the Tetons and an escape from the summer’s heat 
on this ride that begins and ends conveniently at the Grand Targhee 
Resort. The Grand Targhee Loop is 25 miles on 100-percent singletrack. It 
features a mix of smooth, intermediate-friendly trail with plenty of 
technical sections to keep skilled riders alert and excited. The route 
winds through alpine meadows blanketed in wildflowers, forests of pine 
and aspen trees and jaw-dropping views of the Tetons.
A world-class ride at a world-class ski resort, this 4-mile trail was 
created to provide a fun and friendly experience in the Sawtooth 
Mountains. The grades are tame and the rollers are smooth, but 
experienced riders seeking airtime need only to stay off the brakes.

Will Idaho join the National Bicycle Route System?
From the Adventure Cycling web site:
The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is a proposed national network of bicycle routes, which will link urban, suburban, and rural areas using a 
variety of appropriate cycling facilities. In some states, Adventure Cycling routes will be incorporated into U.S. Bikes Routes, along with other 
regional and state routes. To date, 8 U.S. Bike Routes have been established in 10 states: Alaska, Kentucky, Illinois, Maine, Michigan,
Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Virginia. Currently, more than 40 states are working to create U.S. Bicycle Routes.
is in
Phase I: Planning

Idaho is interested in designating routes for the U.S. Bicycle Route System as a transportation system that supports mobility, economic vitality 

and tourism potential for communities. The bicycle and pedestrian office is currently working on developing systems within the DOT that will 

support the effort, including conducting a bicycle corridor suitability project and forming a state bicycle and pedestrian committee.

For more information or to volunteer, contact ITDbikeped(at)itd(dot)idaho(dot)gov

A community for touring Cyclists and Hosts


bicycling can create more energized, alert, and productive employees

Boise Greenbelt History and Impact


Bike paths on the way for Victor Idaho

New Forest Service Topo map site

How Bicycles Can Save Small Town America

An explanation of how bike travel can revitalize rural areas. 

Watch this video.

Can Bicycles Help Small Town America?

Bicycle Tourism has economic impact

First person perspective on Vimeo

How the State of Oregon Promotes Bicycling

YouTube Video

News About Tamarack Resort

Idaho Statesman

"The Idaho stop"
what is it?
A law for cyclists at stop signs and red lights

Boise Bike Share has a director!
New High Tech Bike-Share Program in Idaho
News article

Boise City Bike Registration

YouTube Video

From someone who knows how "well designed" bicycle infrastructure should work...

this Dutch cyclist critiques why America doesn't take bicycles seriously.

Bikes and Cars Can Get along

New Boise Green Belt Bike Map

Idaho retailer to launch steel bike line

Kristin Armstrong wins Olympic Gold !

Boise resident wins time trial gold in cycling at the Beijing and London Olympics.

Cycling Idaho

Tour Idaho in this Emmy Award-winning documentary about bicycling in the Gem State.

Stream it here:

Rail Trail
Gold Ribbon Quality Bicycle Routes
Hiawatha Bike Trail
Starting in Wallace, ID

Ride the Hiawatha

Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes
starting in Plummer, ID
Here is a good map of the trail online that shows the lay of the land.
Friends of CDA Trails

Traverse Idaho by bike on the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes | The Seattle Times

Idaho is the state first to offer a special license plate for cars where the proceeds will be applied toward bicycle trail improvement and trail building. 
The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation will facilitate the grant program to use the money raised in the sale of these plates. 

Fees your Idaho-registered vehicle is $35 in addition to your normal registration cost. 
The renewal fee is $25 annually. Of those fees, $22 at purchase and $12 at renewal will be allocated to a special fund at the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to be used ONLY for the creation, maintenance, and improvement of Idaho's 17,000 miles of recreational trails. 
The other $13 goes to the Idaho Transportation Department as their administering fee
For a non-personalized plate, visit your local County Division of Motor Vehicles office and order one in person.
Customized plates will cost $60.00 for the first year with a $40.00 renewal fee each year thereafter. 
Proceeds go to the trail fund. Ton order the Customized plate Contact Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)

ALL trail users will benefit from the sale of this plate, 
as recreational trails are used for hiking, running, wildlife watching, and horseback riding.

The Riders Pledge of Safety
From LOOK! Save A Life
Make this promise to yourself-your family and your community
  • I will ride on the right side of the road as far to the right as practical and safe. I will ride single file when on narrow, curvy, or busy roads.
  • I will be as visible as possible to traffic. I will ride predictably and use hand signals and proper lighting in the dark.
  • I understand and will obey the laws regarding stopping and yielding at stop lights and stop signs, which are: in Idaho, a cyclist can roll through a stop sign without coming to a complete stop only if traffic is clear, a cyclist can go through a red light only after coming to a complete stop and only when traffic allows safe, clear passage.
  • I will wear a helmet any time I ride, not just in group rides and races.
  • I will foster a better relationship between cyclists and drivers by offering considerate, friendly, and polite communication with drivers and other cyclists.
  • When I drive I will expect and respect cyclists on the road and give them room.
  • I will not honk at cyclists.
  • When I drive, my attention and focus will be on the road and safe operation of the vehicle